Inspirational Words for a Heart Attack Survivor

I don't normally buy decor for my home that contains quotes and words of inspiration, but I saw this today and thought it was just too perfect.I love that "heart" and "life" are the core of this quote and seem to carry a whole new meaning for me....more

Side Effects of Cardiac Medicines

I'm on so many medications that honestly, I confess, I have not read all of the side effects and warnings for each and every single one.  Normally, this is something that I would do any time I was prescribed a new medication.  But since all of these meds came at one time, and it was a little overwhelming, I figured if I read ALL of the side effects, I would become even more paranoid about every little thing I felt.I have had a few "side effects" that I think I can attribute to my new meds.  Some of these I've looked up, some of these I have not....more
Thank you for sharing. I never knew that about medicine side effects. Wowmore

My Social Support Network Following My Heart Attack

Social support is so important after a heart attack.  I wanted to take a moment to recognize a few friends and family in my social support network and how they've helped me.  And I want to thank everyone who has been there for me, supported me, listened to me, and prayed for me.MY PARENTS:...more

Ways to Cope

I have been looking for several ways to cope with what I've been through.  As a child, I loved hearts.  My bedroom was wallpapered in hearts, my bedspread was covered in hearts of all colors, my mom made me heart pillows to match everything.  Who knew that one day, my life would be all about my heart!? Funny how things come full circle....more

I Graduated!

…from Cardiac Rehab!!!After 36 sessions of Cardiac Rehab over the past 4 months, I finally graduated!  Here is my "graduation" photo, which they will hang up along with all of the other photos of graduates, on their bulletin board....more
Karen Ballum Thanks!!more

Don't wait until cardiac arrest reduces your brain function; Protect Your Brain NOW!

Here are some things you can do NOW to improve brain function later if you or your loved one goes into cardiac arrest:1. Make sure they're getting enough vitamin D. A recent study of patients who were resuscitated after sudden cardiac arrest found that those who were deficient in vitamin D were at higher risk for poor brain function (or death).SOURCE:

Heart Attack

I had a startling personal expierence regarding heart attacks.  I had one, November 17th, 2007.  My left anterior descending artery was 85% clogged.  My cholesterol was sky high.What is startling about that is, that 4 months prior to that heart attack my cholesterol, lipids, all blood work was better than the doctor I was seeing....more

Recognizing the Signs of a Heart Attack

Our family and friends recently descended on our parents’ house like a pack of swarming bees. Within a week, mom and dad were host to eleven adults, five dogs and one very spoiled grandson.  Between visits from Santa (who had to use a door vs. the roof), the cutthroat games of Scrabble and the amazing smells coming non-stop from the kitchen, we were fortunate to notice that something wasn’t right with dad....more

The day I saw my dad cry

It’s only happened a few times.  That I’ve seen.When his mom died, his dad, our sweet golden retriever Cookie, and my wedding day.And I quote his Father of the Bride speech, “I didn’t lose a daughter that day…I gained a bathroom.”  But his jokes didn’t fool me.  I saw his eyes when we had our dance.  For the 3 seconds I could handle looking before my heart was a puddle of mush on the floor.  Geeze, Dad, don’t cry.  I paid good money for this makeup job.  Or, wait.  Maybe it was your money....more

Chest Pain Sent Me To The ER At The Age of 43

I have an anxiety disorder that I treat with medication and therapy skills. I'm to the point now where I rarely have a full-fledged anxiety attack, but when I do it is physically awful. My chest hurts. I feel dread and adrenaline coursing through my body. I have trouble breathing. I usually cry and I just want to run as far away from the source of my anxiety as possible. Anxiety is about fight or flight and the desire to take flight and avoid the perceived stressor is very real and primitive....more