High blood pressure? Now they can remove the nerve connecting the kidney to the brain

I like to read about brain-related news because it's such a fascinating and complex enigma. And this new tidbit could save some lives (and/or neurons!) ...more

Heart Attack: Early Warning Signs for Women

Knowing the early warning signs of heart attack is critical. There are vital gender differences in the body’s early warnings that a heart attack may occur or is occurring....more

High Cholesterol at Any Age: The Genetic Disorder Behind My Early Heart Attack

I was out for dinner with friends one day when I unexpectedly began to feel faint. I became hot and started sweating profusely and my chest swelled with pressure.  I was only 40 and thought this might be a hormonal issue because I recently had a hysterectomy, so the following morning I went to my OBGYN. She gave me an EKG test and told me that I had a heart attack the night before. It was incredible! So incredible that my cardiologist didn’t want to believe it....more


I don't sleep well at night, never have.  I did experience a time not too long ago,  when I did fall asleep at 11:00 PM and stay asleep until 6:00 AM.  I'm newly retired, I live far away from the daily stress I used to endure so I should be fine right?  I'm tired today, tired and trying to endure the fatigue that washed over me like a downpour of rain.  I must persevere though to endure.  I have the strength within my heart to make it, I just have to believe.  I feel like my heart and body betrayed me when I had my heart attack.  I still feel that way...more
"Weight that sticks to your ribs" - those words resonated with me because I've been working on ...more

The Heart of The Matter

I have a friend who had a heart attack in her late 30's.  It was very scary, but thankfully it ...more

Heart Attacks at the Heart Attack Grill: Fast Food and Bad Decisions

Editor's update: ABC News reports that a second person has suffered a heart attack at the Heart Attack Grill this past weekend. The woman is recovering after "eating a double bypass burger, smoking cigarettes and having a margarita," according to ABC. -- Julie ...more
8,000-calorie burger? No thanks! People really need to be better informed on the impact fast ...more

It's Just a Little Heart Attack

Know the warning signs and symptoms of a heart attack.  For women they can be different than what men experience.Only 1/3 of women will experience crushing chest pain. Instead they may experience: ...more

Behind the Scenes Look When Someone has a Heart Attack

Ever wonder what happens after a 911 call when someone has had a heart attack?  Here's a video that shows what happens....more

Chest Pain 101

Alarm Clocks and Heart Attacks: Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays

Voldemort, the Joker, the Decepticons. We've had some decent villains in our time. But no villain is as persistent and reviled as the one that sits right next to our beds: the alarm clock. Oh, that wicked little instrument of cruel and unusual torture. There is no escaping it. No matter how hard or how often we slam that snooze button, the dreaded sound is back again the following morning. And then the morning after that. And the one after that. Is that dramatic? Why else do you suppose so many heart attacks happen on Monday mornings? ...more
The final link is the same as the third link, i.e., ...more