The week before Christmas, I noticed on a friend’s Facebook page that her husband had just suffered a massive heart attack over the weekend. My friend, Duchess Ocean Waves is one of my Ya-Yas, the small group of girlfriends I have know since elementary school. Immediately, I sent out a Ya-Ya alarm to rouse the troops. We all made calls, sent emails, left voicemails, and texted. The Duchess comes from a large extended family and she counts most people in her community as friends. We knew friends and family would surround her, but we knew she would be alone. We sent her a bouquet of flowers....more

Live Beyond The Disease

February is fast approaching.  The ‘red’ month… and I don’t mean Valentine’s Day.  It’s a fantastic thing that a whole month is dedicated to raising heart disease awareness.  Anytime attention is focused on an issue that affects millions of people, it is a worthy cause.  Overall, much is being done to spotlight what can be done to prevent heart disease.  Heard this one before?  ‘Check your numbers’; ‘Exercise regularly’; blah blah blah.  It would seem that the only awareness being raised is on how best to avoid it. Since we...more

Reality Check

Six months after my husband and I were married, he narrowly missed having a heart attack. An angioplasty and 3 stents later, he was (more or less) good as new. It was a scare and a shock and afterwards I was all over his food intake and his exercise regime. And time passed. We went through our battle with infertility, he closed a business and opened a new one. I was pregnant with twins. We said goodbye to our little one-bedroom by the beach and hello to a larger home to accommodate our expanding family. Life moved on....more

So How Was Your Tuesday!

Yesterday I had just that kind of day I can tell you.  I slept in since this cold has pretty much kicked my butt which was nice.  The Comtrex I took really works nice, thank you, and I slept well.  I knew that I had to take Daddy for his little outpatient surgery so I needed to get well on my way to better.  I picked him up and we got to the surgery center on time to sit and wait, wait, wait.  A little later Brother came in.  I was surprised but he had the week off and I was glad for the company.  We were sitting there for a bit while Daddy reste...more

The Future Of Heart Disease

‘Heart Disease’.  With these two words, the lives of millions of women are changed in an instant. While there is a sense of relief in knowing why your heart hurts, it is impossible to predict how this knowledge will affect your life. Beyond the questions lies the reality that your life has taken a dramatic turn.  Although chronic by nature, your viewpoint of your condition doesn’t have to be.  It would seem, though, that this is a lesson best learned in retrospect.   20/20...more

In The Know

What’s worse; suspecting you have heart disease or knowing for certain that you do? If you answered that fear lies more in suspicion, you’d have research to back you up.  But do we really need research to tell us what we already know? Stating the Obvious Congratulations, Science!  Another fine example of useless information disguised as ‘research’.  It’s ridiculous to think that good money was spent researching what we already know to be true.  Of course we fear the unknown; especially when it comes to our health.  W...more

Comparison or Compromise?

If asked if the current state of your heart disease is acceptable, how would you answer? It’s a tough one; I know.  Just yesterday I was asked this very question.  “If, when we first met, your chest pain and quality of life was terrible, 10 being terrible, what number would you assign your quality of life now?” asked my super-hero of a doctor, Dr....more

When Your Heart Won't Let You Work

I had spent the whole morning monitoring my heart rate.  I began to obsess over the number of palpitations I’d experience.  Forty-one in one minute – my all time best!  Since I was at work, however, I had to snap to and focus on the task at hand.  Smile - answer phones.  Smile - fax document.  Smile - hide my suspicion that I was having a heart attack.  Few can understand how difficult it is to pretend everything is ok when you believe you might be dying.  Nonetheless, I was at work; what was I to do?  I know there are many of you out the...more

Heart Disease Takes A Vacation

“The day was finally here.  I have nine whole days to relax in Maui; nothing but fun in the sun.  It’s a week I’ve been looking forward to for several months.  Too bad I have to take Rebecca with me.” -- Rebecca’s Heart   Sometimes I imagine my heart disease has a life all it’s own.  After all, it deserves a vacation too, right?  It’s got to get sick of me eventually.  All I ever do is complain about it, tell others of its horrors and wish it away with every fiber of my being.  Is that wrong?<...more

Is The Suspense Killing Me?

My doctor calls it “a flare up”.  I call it a nightmare.  I’ve spent the last two weeks wondering whether or not I should go to the emergency room. I’ve learned to deal with the usual symptoms; pressure in the chest, extreme fatigue and the stomachache.  That’s everyday stuff – the stuff I wake up to.  It’s when the unusual symptoms begin that I get a little nervous; things like intense dizzy spells and shoulder pain. So I wait.  I figure if it doesn’t go away in a day or two, I’ll call my doctor.  Two days pass and I still feel ‘schmoo...more