A Blood Test For Heart Disease: Would You Want to Know?

Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States? It's true. And even though it seems to kill in an instant, it's actually a chronic illness that can sneak up on you without any warning at all. But what if there was a way to know that you were at a greater risk of dying from heart disease? Would you want to know? In the case of heart disease, knowing could actually save your life. ...more

If you KNOW, then you have the option of doing something about it.

Similar issue - I would ...more

In The Know

What’s worse; suspecting you have heart disease or knowing for certain that you do? If you answered that fear lies more in suspicion, you’d have research to back you up.  But do we really need research to tell us what we already know? Stating the Obvious Congratulations, Science!  Another fine example of useless information disguised as ‘research’.  It’s ridiculous to think that good money was spent researching what we already know to be true.  Of course we fear the unknown; especially when it comes to our health.  W...more

A Symphony of Care for my Daughter and Granddaughter

On September 5, 2009, my daughter, Kimberly, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Reagan, but unlike most uneventful pregnancies, Kimberly faced life-threatening challenges to her and her baby and she needed the best of care....more

Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it.

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Moms: How much is your heart worth?

If you’re a mother, you’d better think long and hard about this question. Science is teaching us about the hardships that life imposes on the hearts of women, and for many of us, the news is sobering. At a recent American Heart Association meeting, Dr. Michelle Albert presented research scanning ten years that shows that women who experience a lot of stress at work are 88% more likely to have a heart attack.  So what exactly does “stress” at work mean? Stress means feeling underused and powerless over our decisions or experiencing high job strain....more

How many times a week do you eat red meat?

I was just reading an article in the Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter (November 2010 issue), "The Heat Is on Red Meat" and wondered just how many people are eating red meat twice a day as some studies are looking at.  I'm lucky if I eat red meat twice a week.  The study results show too much red meat can lead to possible heart-failure, cancer, diabetes, and age-related macular degeneration.  With a list like that, you might think red meat should be off the menu.  You don't have to be so quick on killing off red meat in your diet.  Just select th...more

Why Loving the Mojo Pills Is Not Loving Ourselves

[Guest blogger, Michelle Young is the Research and Communications Director at 4Women.com.  She has done extensive research on the emotional impacts of medical hair loss and other women’s health issues.]I need a name.  Not a name for a puppy, a head scarf, or a blog post.  I need a name for the deficit disorder of all deficit disorders. I’m talking about this double X chromosome version human condition in which we prefer to experience life as an aesthetic vesicle, forever frozen in time  and perpetually “made over” on the outside, regardless of the price paid on the inside.  A deficit of self- love that penetrates the external straight to the essence.  Our love is reserved for the hair, the boobs, the nail color, the clothes, the shape, the botox tight skin, and while the botox goes beneath the skin, too often, our love of self stops at the surface....more

About Silent Ischemia and Ischemic Heart Disease

What is silent ischemia?People who experience ischemia with no pain have a heart condition known as silent ischemia. They can have a heart attack with no earlier forewarning. People with angina also may have undiagnosed episodes of silent ischemia. Ischemia is a condition in which the blood stream (and thus oxygen) is constrained to a part of the body. Cardiac ischemia is the term for need of blood flow and oxygen toward the heart muscle. Cardiac ischemia happens once an artery becomes narrowed or blocked for a brief time, stopping oxygen-rich blood from reaching the heart....more

When It’s Time To Change Doctors

I waited two weeks to see him.  This doctor was touted as the best cardiologist in Thousand Oaks.  As I sat in his well-appointed waiting room, I realized that I was the only person there under the age of 50.  What was worse is that I was the only woman there.  Now sitting in the examination room, the doctor perused my chart and began with the questions.   “So, you’re experiencing chest pain?”  “Yes, I am”, I replied.  “Well, we’ll run a few tests; see what we can find out.”  Then the testing began.  An ...more

EmpowHER’s 1000Women Campaign

When I was diagnosed with heart disease in 2007, it took me a while before I could wrap my head around it.  While I was glad to finally know what was wrong, I was completely overwhelmed as to what it all meant. Overcome by feelings of worry and fear, I started to panic.  With these thoughts swirling through my head, my darling husband suggested that I write them all down.  I’ll never forget what he said that day in December, “Perhaps your story could help other women who suffer from heart disease”. On December 6, 2009, I began Rebecca’s Heart. It surpr...more

Is Your Body Sending You a Warning That Stress Is Taking a Serious Toll on Your Health?

What role does stress play in your life? These days, stress plays a big role for most of us. Personally, I'm not sure I can even remember the last time I had a totally stress-free day. Can you? Stress isn't always a bad thing, but when stress becomes chronic it can suppress the immune system, cause high blood pressure, and even increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. For this reason, it's extremely important to learn how to recognize the warning signs of unhealthy levels of stress. We need to spot when stress is becoming a problem, before it has a chance to cause harmful physical and mental complications. ...more

Stress that can become incapacitating. Once it takes root in one's life, it can begin to take ...more