A Community for Pregnancy Induced Heart Failure

This week I became a Heart Sister....more

there are two kinds of heart failure, or, how i felt when my husband cheated

  They say that by the time you suspect it, it is too late. They say you already know your spouse is cheating before you have proof.  Why was I so shocked then? ...more

It's the thing you thought you were that's lost, not the thing you are. He was WRONG WRONG ...more

Baba's Heart

She sits peacefully in the hospital chair with a look of hope and recovery in her eyes. She wears her light blue hospital gown as comfortably as a housedress and proudly shows me her arms freed from all the IVs. She boastfully tells me how she ate chicken soup and spoke to Rosa on the phone; she called her directly in the hospital room. My grandmother is excited about going home tomorrow. We discuss how she needs to hurry up and get home to make my grandpa more chicken stew. ...more