Heart risk in young adulthood linked to cognitive decline in mid-life

A new study has linked elevated heart risks during young adulthood with lower cognitive function in mid-life.Researchers at the University of California-San Francisco performed long-term studies to look at things like blood pressure, cholesterold levels and blood sugar during ages 18 to 30 and found correlations to mental function over the next 25 years. The cognitive tests measured memory, thinking speed and mental flexibility.Why?High cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure are major risk factors for atherosclerosis (narrowing of the articles due to plaque)....more

The Pain You Feel Today is the Strength You Feel Tomorrow

Today, for no particular reason, I am missing my father something awful. Grief is a bitch. Some days I'm fine; can take on the world, other days I'm just loathsome and sad. I try to keep in the tears, but then my heart feels like it is going to explode. Grief really is a bitch....more

Dream Your Way to a Healthy Heart

Everybody knows that Heart Disease is the leading cause of death amongst both women and men.  But did you know that the majority of women have at least one risk factor for heart disease and don't even realize it?...more

Wear Red Tomorrow to Raise Awareness for Women's Heart Health

Tomorrow is National Wear Red Day to raise awareness on women's heart health. Heart disease is the number one killer of women, and it disproportionally kills more women than men. A few of the editors at BlogHer threw on some of our favourite red things and listed out ways that we're taking care of our hearts this February. We'd love for you to join along. Just (1) post a picture of yourself wearing something red on your blog or your favourite social media site, (2) say a few words about what you do to protect your heart health, and (3) come here and leave a link to the post in the comment section. ...more
Luv the red!more

5 Things You Can Be Doing Right Now to Take Care of Your Heart

Today kicks off National Heart Health Awareness Month, in fact, today is the 50th anniversary of this program.  Plus Friday is Go Red for Women to specifically raise awareness for women's heart health. ...more

Great Advice from Cardiologists

BE HEART SMART - Here's great advise from Cardiologists on how to live healthier and possibly even longer....more

Help for a Broken Heart

An astute nurse at Frederick Memorial Hospital in Frederick, Maryland, pressed a stethoscope to the chest of our pink, perfect newborn and heard something suspicious.Seven hours later, our daughter was on a helicopter to Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC, and my husband and I were on our way to an alien world of echocardiograms, EKGs, and multiple complex surgeries....more

Easy Crochet Heart

I know some of you are sick of seeing hearts now that Valentine's Day is now over. However, I wanted to share this because it really wasn't for Valentine's day. I was experimenting with a easy crochet heart pattern that I found....more

Take Care of Your Heart This Valentine’s Day

 With Valentine’s Day this week, shouldn’t we think about our own hearts as well as those we love? The American Heart Association has a number of ways you can help out....more