Don't Pick At It, It Will Bleed

The scab, it's starting to heal,  finally at that point where  you can just about pick it off, so you work at it, you worry it with your fingertip until it starts bleeding again. So what if you have a scab on your heart and every time it starts to heal and get a little itchy, you worry it, then it bleeds.Don't look for things you don't want to find. Because armed with the truth where will you go?Will you look for a bandaid or a tourniquet? ~Karen Lynn...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Putting an End to Self Doubts of the Past 2-9-12

You’re moving forward and busy in your career, noticing that you’re also leaving heartache behind, and it may affect you.  You might experience indecision regarding work, health or travel, feeling unable to decide due to the variety of choices at this time.Opposing Energies: fickleness, separations, closure, heartacheGather comfort in new experiences and acquaintances, and put an end to self doubts of the past.Wide Awake Words™ for today: compromise, forward thinking, emotional balance...more

A State of Inertia

I blinked.  The room was dark despite the opened curtains.  I must have slept far longer than I thought....more

My Mother's Daughter

I was curled up fetus-like on the bed.  Hands in fists that held on to the blanket like a lifeline.  The tears had stopped flowing for some time, exhausted for the night.  I kept my eyes shut although every detail of the room was already etched in my memory.  Trinkets and remnants of a life lived together.  Their presence loomed all around me, a reminder of what was lost.  Someone opened the door, footsteps quick and light on the hardwood floor.&n...more

8 Things “They” Don’t Tell You About Being a Mother

 I always wondered if there was a secret mothers club. You know the one I’m talking about. When you’re young and foolish and in love, and just beginning those “are we ready to start a family?” discussions, and you’re in a group that includes mothers. And they have that look….it’s almost like a secret sorority handshake that takes place in a fleeting exchange of glances. And you’re thinking, What? What is it? What don’t I know? And even more, How do I join? How do I find out what you know, and become a member of that club?...more
Jenna, I can't even imagine what you went through relinquishing your child. {{Hugs}} for your ...more

A Token of Remembrance

They came in shades of pink.  My favorite. Petals so soft, like whispers, blushed shyly from where they nestled against the leaves. Like a bride on her wedding day. Enchanted, my lips began to form a smile; a contented sigh on the brink of escape. “... I don’t love you... I haven’t, for a long time...” Flimsy whims shattered like broken glass. Their jagged edges pierced through my skin, shooting pains and despair into my veins. One pink bloom for every empty promise.  A token of remembrance for a love long gone....more

A Heart Outside Your Body

What no one tells you when you are pregnant:Yes, having children means you get to re-live the world through young eyes--Christmas morning, having turned into a cynical gift-grab somewhere in late adolescence, is magical again, the first taste of ice cream is transcendent, a birthday (not your own!) is an occasion for spinning with joy, the skirt of your new dress flaring out around you....more

The Warrior Mom Cries, Too

So I’ve spent a huge amount of time in the past year trying to get clarity about how my son processes the world. He’s a very intense, sensitive child, but also very outgoing and gregarious, which can be a confusing combo. He’s fine/He’s not fine/He’s fine/He’s not fine, all day long. The total upside-down-ness of our lives in the past two years made it much harder to be able to see him clearly....more
I can imagine how knowing is both a relief and a heartbreak, and how you have to work through ...more

Loving Someone Who Doesn't Love you Back

How do you deal with loving someone who doesn't love you back? Why is it so hard to get over it and come to grips with reality? What's preventing us from healing from such a deep wound, knowing the pain can often be unbearable? ...more

Instead of BF's second thoughts I'd rather...

Blog Directory There's a lot of things I'd rather feel than how it is when my boyfriend calls up from the other line with "this" and "that" and doubts and why he's got second thoughts and why he's leaning towards other girls, the other way, or why he's basically thinking I'm a complainer, a nag in general and why I'm beginning to be a pain. So "I'd rather..." I've thought this up more than once today....more