This Heart Break Is Too Much

 A lot of the times when I am in a heart break crisis I always find a way to blame myself!! but this time I wont dare give myself that credit. its all on him, I don't think I look forward to being in love anymore. it's never what you see on TV or what the old folks tell you it will be like. I begin to question myself as if I were doing something right, but that's the problem these men lately are not attracted to the women who do it right....more

10 Heart Stopping Parenting Moments

Heartbreaking..... seriously how do parents do this day in and day out??? As a parent do the ups and downs feel as if they are your own? Today was one of those days for me, as I sat quietly in my office listening to the radio on ( with the door closed) anxiously awaiting the results of the #edgenbt contest I have to confess I actually felt physically ill.  The anxiety was so overwhelming and I am the parent, this was a second hand anticipation....more

Ghosting: The Dating Disappearing Act (Who Ya Gonna Call?)

 Ghosting is a term used to describe the action of a person who disappears from another person’s life without so much as an explanation. This kind of behavior can haunt the jilted person for a very long time, making him or her obsess about what he or she may or may not have done to deserve the silent treatment.With the all-female version of the Ghostbusters movie about to be released, let me be the first woman to bust this new breed of Cowardly Ghosts....more

Has Heartbreak finally been defined?

It has taken me over a decade of thinking, but I finally figured out how to word the way it felt when "HE" broke my heart. ...more

7 Scientifically Proven Ineffective Ways to Mend a Broken Heart

Whenever someone posts a list, don’t we all just usually scroll through the opener anyway? I’ll save us both some time by s...more

Thank You for Breaking My Heart

In my 26 years, my heart has never been broken by a guy. The boyfriends I have had, the men of my past, didn’t leave many scars when we moved on and went our separate ways. ...more
Yes, u are better for it:) Smile and go on. We all lose friends and get hurt. But life is like ...more

Here's How You Get Through Heartbreak: Just Do It

 So by their early twenties there's one realization I believe everyone should come to, and that's the inescapable fact that heartbreak is inevitable. It happens....more

Love is a choice

Throwback Thursday: lessons from a harder time:...more

Love Hurts

I’m sharing a poem titled Love Hurts from my “mini-series” of poems I promised in between normal posts that was written during my college years. And based on the expression of words that filled my thoughts, it looks like it was during a time I was broken and going through some type of pain or heartbreak....more

The One That Got Away, or Whatever he wants to call me

Why can’t we express what we feel to the people in our lives before it’s often too late? And when we do, why can’t the emotions always be powerful enough to alter actions? Some things are easier than others, I suppose. Talking to him has always been one of those things. I think I could have written at least two novels now by the amount of words I’ve spilled from my heart, to him alone. Even this blog is an attempted outlet to replace the writing I’ve devoted secretly to him for the past 10 years. This is very hard to say, but usually the things that need to be said the most are....more