He never looked at me

I spent the day with my ex-husband and his new girlfriend. I am observant, so I watched them, curious. It was as if I was watching two strangers. Because how could the way he is with her be anything but unfamiliar to me? He never looked at me the way he was looking at her. Respectfully, gently, joy .love. It took three years of marriage counseling to discover what I had known for years, had always known: He never loved me.  Marriage counselor: Do you love your wife....more

Nov 3: Cannonball

Nov 3: Cannonball  Damien Rice: "Cannonba...more

VIDEO: How to Get Over A Break Up (By my Teen Daughter!)

LINKThis past summer I wrote about my 18-year-old daughter falling in love....more
I always found that this helped me get over my ex ...more

The Science of Heartbreak and How Music Heals

Even understanding the chemical changes the body experiences when gripped by heartbreak doesn't make it any easier to work through the hurt. But knowing the science of the mind can give you a leg up when it comes to healing. In this post, Christie Wilcox backs up what we all seemed to instinctively know as teens: listening to music and writing it out (no matter how bad the poetry) diffuses the pain of loss and time heals all wounds of the heart. ...more
I was expecting to find this at the end of your link about memory. It fits with your point and ...more


For this week’s memoir prompt, we’re going to let narrative take a backseat.  Choose a moment from your personal history and mine it for sensory detail.  Describe it to us in rich, evocative details.  Let us breath the air, hear the heartbeat, the songs, feel the fabric and the touch of that moment.  Let’s keep the word count to 500....more

5 Ways to Break Your Own Heart

Sometimes, you can break your own better than anyone else.   I learned from experience that there is an art to sabotaging your chances for authentic love.  Below are some classic moves which you can employ to keep yourself  perpetually heartbroken: 1....more

Dear Diary

Blog Directory ...more

Heartbreak and Hope: When Your Family is Fighting Childhood Cancer

The heartbreak of childhood cancer is very real, but so is the hope. Especially when you hear stories like that of Denise Rager. The California mother of two sons, the eldest with epilepsy, began to feel concerned about her younger son Matthew's health. It turned out her mother's intuition was right and before she knew it, her family was in a fight to save Matthew's life....more

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of hope. The Rager family is absolutely amazing and ...more

One Good Thing About Heartbreak (From The Beauty of Different)

About fifteen years ago, I convinced myself that my life had fallen completely apart, never to be put back together again. I was in my late twenties, and my first marriage had ended. After taking the bar exam (and barely passing), I moved out into an apartment on my own and was promptly laid off from my first legal job ever. I was jobless, alone and running through my savings. Fast. In short, I was a mess. ...more

Indeed life is full of tiny miracles. A good friend of mine shared to me a quote of Taylor ...more

On Heartbreak With Catherine Connors

When I comb my memory looking for instances of true and complete heartbreak, I can quite honestly say that moments of heartbreak in my life have been few and far between (and it makes me nervous to even type this, lest I tempt the fates). ...more

As I've become a mother to three girls, I've had to look back at some things I've done, choices ...more