In Which My Husband Greets My Daughter's Future Boyfriend at the Door with a Gun

I started dating early. I've been on birth control since I was a teenager.  I've forgotten the names of half the people I've dated, but there were many, and it was lovely. I've never regretted my dating history. I have no real qualms about my daughter dating someday. I'm a little worried about my husband. ...more

Your reaction and Nelle's reaction make me think this should've been broken into two separate ...more

A formal apology to my heart

Memorandum To: My Heart From: Heather B. Date: February 10, 2009RE: Apology It has recently come to my attention that I owe you an apology. A groveling, on my hands and knees begging for forgiveness type apology. As if pleading will get you to understand why we have the relationship that we do: Fairly normal and sturdy with gentle slopes then sudden drop offs as we traverse this life of ours. ...more

My heart says: "Flobbada-Flop"

Dear Heart of Mine -- I think you are a floppy heart. You are dear, but dear and floppy. You will never march to a Souza tune. (You have no feet, after all.) Instead of thumpa-thumpa, I think you say "Flop, flobbada -- flobbada, flop." I do love you, but you are a pushover, a wimp, a patsy for a sob story. If I watch a sad movie, or even a sad commercial, you send instant messages to my tear ducts. "flop, flobbada". Soon I end up crying big, wet, cartoon-tears. ...more

the one that got away

Eller kanskje the ones that got away. The have-beens. The heartbreaks. De savnede. Noe som kunne ha vært så bra. Så givende. Så for alltid. ...more

I spent the day in 'hell' yesterday, better known as Family Court

Now I am a very positive person.  I meditate, find the silver lining in most situations, and take good care of myself.  So when I entered the 3rd floor of the family court building yesterday, it was not long before I felt assaulted by the negative energy that permeates the air. ...more

The saddest part of the situation you describe is that all of these relationships started ...more

A Harsh Awakening

So it's been 3 weeks now and I've finally been able to make it through a whole night without waking up thinking about he who shall not be named. That sensation of coming round, wondering why, remembering and then having the breath knocked from me by the inevitable concrete fist in the belly, is finally beginning to subside. So far today I haven't even blubbed. Had a bit of a wobble earlier but a shakey bottom-lip does not a crying fit make. ...more