The Best Laid Plans

It's not enough for your heart to break, because everybody's heart is broken now ~ Allen GinsbergDecember 20, 20109AM: I wake up with the words from yesterday's fight creating havoc in my head till it's almost madness. I roll over and look at you, you're asleep with those adorable sheet creases on your face. I hug you. You turn away.11AM: You tell me, "Baby, are you ok? Do you really want to do this?" I nod emphatically in agreement, because right now in my life there is nothing I want more that you. I want this. I want us....more

When Your Office Romance Tanks: 5 Ways to Survive a Breakup

Breaking up isn't on anybody's bucket list, but -- ready or not -- it happens. It's especially difficult when you have to see your ex at meetings, in the office hallways, and in the lunchroom or cafeteria. My friend Tamara dated a coworker for six months. He decided things weren't working out, and broke up with her (a month before Christmas, two months after she was diagnosed with a semi-serious health problem. Bastard!). ...more

It's not you it's me

I recently came to terms with a harsh reality about my love life and love experiences. When the disappointment sets in and the sadness begins (every time something ends), I always end up doing the same thing, I blame myself. I blame myself for not being "quiet enough", "patient enough", "close enough", and for being way too confident, independent, attractive and even passionate....more

“Life is Not Meant to Be Lived Alone”

Wynonna Judd is a rock star. I don’t mean that as literal as it sounds…of course, she is a famous singer. But I think she is a rock star for so many more reasons. Talk about being put through the ringer. It’s one thing to have to go through the pain and anguish of life – but to have to do it in front of the world, documented by paparazzi…well it makes me appreciate my quiet life. But despite the trials of celebrity, the woman knows what she is talking about. ...more

Fly Back to Me

Fly Back to Me The sun is out,Yet it's cold in here.I'm missing you baby,wish you were near. Toys fill your room,pictures hang on the wall.Yet the rooms are so empty,My arms ache for your love. I want to see those eyes shine again,smell your golden hair.I miss your laughter,now memories of you linger in the air. Fly back to me sweet love,spread your angel wings....more

"Reminiscing Over a Honeymoon That Went Wrong

My horoscope today said "expect some sentimental reminiscing." I rarely check out my horoscope, but that section in the paper happened to be next to a Dear Abby column where a woman was complaining about her verbally abusive husband. That kind of caught my eye....more

New Moon

Happy fourth of July my friends.I watched the movie new moon after wanting to see it for ages. I could really relate to Bella and Edward him leaving and pretending like he didn't care or love Bella. Because that same situation happened to me three years ago almost around this time. ...more

December from hell

I've never done this before. Bare my soul I mean. Because I am about to bare my soul. Maybe not all today but in the next few months. In December I caught my husband coming out of a hotel with room with another woman. A woman he had been seeing for four months or so. Yes, we are still together. Do I want to be? Most days. Why am I sharing? Because I am in so much pain, I can't move forward with my life. I am so angry with her. My anger with him has mostly burned out. Thank goodness. We have talked about it until I don't really want to talk about her anymore....more

Just Friends

We don’t kiss. I don’t know how long it’s been. Months, at least. There’s cuddling. And foreplay and sex. And more cuddling. But he doesn’t kiss me. I’ve only brought it up twice and still never bothered to ask why. Mostly because I don’t want to hear the reasons come from lips that won’t touch me. Mostly because I know why, I know what changed, and I know it was my fault....more

The Suitcase

Everyone experiences heartbreak. I can't say mine is worse or less painful than any other, I only know how it affects me. And last year, I experienced the worst heartbreak of my life. To make a long, complicated story as short as possible: I fell in love with a man I had known for two years, a dear friend, who lived and worked in San Francisco. We had talked and written and become so close during that two years that being together felt more like the next step than a risky venture. ...more

Something very similar happened to me just two months ago.  I even have the now ...more