Fire up the Grill, Not your heartburn

Don't Fire up Heartburn this summerWith summer grilling season in full swing, more of my patients are coming in to talk about frequent heartburn. Frequent heartburn suffers can experience heartburn as often as two times per week which keeps them from enjoying the foods that they love at BBQ gatherings.So, for those of you who are enjoying the summer celebrations but not-so-much the consequent heartburn, it’s important to pay attention to how frequent your heartburn occurs. While a simple antacid can do the trick for occasional heartburn, those who are suffer from heartburn two or more times a week may need some extra help.Frequent heartburn can be very frustrating and uncomfortable. But fear not, there are medications that can help alleviate the pain. For frequent heartburn sufferers, a class of heartburn drugs called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) work best. PPIs are taken in the morning, before your first meal, and can come in the form of prescription or over-the-counter medicines.In the last decade, it has become more and more common to see prescription heartburn medications become available over-the-counter (OTC). ...more

When should you be concerned about heartburn?

If you were to ask me if I ever have heartburn, a week ago I would have answered no. It turns out I was quite wrong....more

Don't Ignore Heartburn

I saw a patient the other day who said that her husband was recently hospitalized with severe ...more

The Martian Family Robinson

This is a new kind of martian and they aren't green!Jupiter, Heartburn, TomorrowSeventeen year old Emily Robinson looked through the telescope at the far away planet Jupiter....more
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!more

Good News: My Kids Aren't Actually Killing Me. It Just Feels Like They Are!

Annual check up and the news is good - I've got a resting heart rate of 51 bpm and the lung capacity of a teenager. It's official: my kids are not actually killing me. It just feels like they are! Worry lines aside, maybe motherhood is good for my health, forcing me to put all that yogic pranayama breathing to work. When things get crazy (ha! as if they're ever not crazy!), if I remember to unclench my jaw and take a deep breath, my heart slows down. All the oxygen to the brain helps me form words - like "Pants! On! Now!" - despite the shrieking I'm hearing in my own head....more

Fire in the Belly: Heartburn During Pregnancy

By Dr. Michele Brown OB/GYNThere's no greater surprise for a woman than learning she is pregnant for the first time... except for the first time she experiences one of mother nature's unkindest pregnancy symptoms. Heartburn!...more

Heartburn... the Natural Way to Cure It

Ever since I came back from our vacation in Florida (the one where I ate WAY more calories everyday than I usually do, thanks to my mother-in-law's yummy cooking), I have had the worst ongoing case of heartburn. ...more


I'm actually excited. I was quoted in an article written by Karen Asp of LiveRightLiveWell. She did a story on how to perform ab workouts if you have heartburn problems.Her tips and article was very well written, I thought I share it with the BlogHer Community. Read below....more

Of Lollipops and Near-Death Experiences

What do you do when you're in your cubicle on the 12th floor, after everyone else in your office has gone home for the day and you are trying to suck air as if your life depended on it? You don't even know what just happened, only that you can't breathe. * As I sit in front of my computer, sucking on a Tootsie Pop, I accidentally inhale some orange flavored spit and my throat closes up. While panicking, I try hard to inhale through a pinprick-sized air hole in my throat, producing a weird sound that resembles radio static. ...more

mama comes a waddling...

I waddled today for the first time. Very sexy, I know. I was walking out of Starbucks and I caught myself in the reflection of a car window. The woman was waddling. Up until now, I had prided myself on avoiding that particular pregnancy cliche. But everyday unfolds anew, and I continue to surprise myself. I promise to never do it again. ...more