Hearts Still Find Me

When I first created HeartsEverywhere.com, I wanted a catchy name for a blog I could use as a writing platform. The name came obviously and easily. Deep in love, I discovered hearts everywhere, which exploded all around me alongside Twitter and Facebook. Throughout the year, I sought out reinforcing signs from the universe yearning for the reasons and explanations. I was so uncertain of myself, I grasped for confetti hearts to convince me I was on the right path....more


HAS YOUR HEART BROKEN? HAVE GOD'S WORDS FALLEN IN ?Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

How to Make a Sweet Paper Heart Garland

DIY Paper Heart Garland ...more

Create Your Own 3d Heart Tags

Do you need a little something small but significant for your gifts? I thought these would be good to add to my ever-growing collection of tags as they can be gender-neutral depending on the colors you choose. Add a little white ink, flank the 3d heart with "I"/"We" and "You" to read as:I (or We)  <heart> youand you've got yourselves a sweet sentiment for your loved ones....more

A Letter To My Son on Valentine's Day

To my Christian on Valentine's Day, I was sitting here putting your classroom Valentines together and taping heart shaped lollipops to your wheelchair heart cards and I was thinking to myself - Mommy sure knows a lot about hearts. The first time I heard your heartbeat, you were just a tiny baby in my belly. Hearing the woosh-woosh of a baby's first heart sounds is one of the best things I have ever experienced in my whole life. It's the beginning of life. It was the reassurance that you were in there, growing, and it was right then that I fell in love with you. ...more

Valentine's Day Craft

Welcome to Toddler Tuesday folks! In case you missed it last week, I decided to do a Toddler Tuesday link up party where others can join in to share kiddo stories, happenings, problems etc.  If you're interested in joining up, here's the details....more

Simple, rustic hearts


A Blessedly Messy Business

Around the end of the last century I decided to divide my heart in half and share it with a really important person. He gave it back to me whole and then some. I've never understood the finer points of the "hard sciences" - some say it has something to do with chemistry or some such. Perhaps mitosis? That's biology. And it rhymes with halitosis, so I reject it. Olivia Newton John said something about physics once, didn't she? I was distracted by the headband, can't remember....more

Patron Saint of Lovers: History of St. Valentine’s Day

Kisses I'm a romantic at heart. I love cheesy romantic comedies. I'm a sucker for a sweet love story. Jane Eyre is my all-time favorite book for Pete's sake....more