A Bite o' the Irish: Lamb and Guinness Shepherd's Pie

I’ve mentioned a few times in other posts that Ryan is a “pie guy.” When we first met, without realizing they were all pies, he said his favorite foods were chicken potpie, shepherd’s pie, and banana cream pie. Over the years I’ve made some of these dishes for him. I’ve also expanded his food horizons quite a bit, which is a trait that comes from my family. I am pretty sure my mom would brag that she is not, in any way, a pie lady. We rarely (if ever) had those dishes growing up. The words “pie” and “casserole” were only mythical dishes from another world. ...more

Asian Braised Short Ribs

For some totally strange reason I have the biggest culinary geek crush on braised short ribs. Romantic, right? For me they are just the bees knees of beef dishes. Short ribs are cooked low and slow and braised in a broth, in this case an Asian-flavored broth. As you cook them the meat becomes rich and tender beyond words. It falls off the bone and is pretty much irresistible. When so many of you requested that I make some slow cooker recipes for the blog, I knew this had to be the first one on the list....more