Eating lighter

Warmer weather has brought one thing out for me.Lighter eating.For the past two weeks my breakfast has been fruit and cheese and a few crackers with a little coffee or juice.Not the healthiest of breakfasts, I’ll admit, but at least the amount of fruit I’ve have been eating has increased ten fold due to this.I make sure the cheese is in there for protein to tide me over and there for I bit I had orange juice to keep my potassium up.It sure feels good eating light, and I have to admit I do feel better doing it!...more

Showered with heat

Down at Undisclosed Deux, we have a large walk-in shower for our” later” years,I guess that means now.With the ache in the hip and just the aches from a general long week**yes,I know Monday was a day off** but there was nothing more the ticket for me tonight as relaxing as that shower.I had no adult beverages today, as I am careful not to do it with the naproxen sodium for the hip,and that shower was as relaxing as a cocktail.It was almost worth all the months we lived in a little 10′x10′ room while the house was being built....more

Principles of heat

We are down at Undisclosed Deux and it was quite damp last night.We have two up and working outlets,so we used one to get heat for the cottage last night. Problem is, the floor man is due to come in this morning and put hardwood floors in the kitchen.I have learned that hardwood is very temperamental and should be only be set down in a certain temperature.By us having heat last night,I have my doubts that it’ll get done today. ...more

Judging by the Calendar

This morning I had an appointment to get my hair done. I like the way my friend does it, so I have been sticking with her. Jim had said why do I need a hair cut: it really looks nice. Never mind that I sweat profusely when the humidity goes over 85% and needed a hair cut. In addition, the ever popular hot flashes always seem to sway the vote for shorter hair. ...more

Rainy, Overcast,Coffee.....

There’s a Carly Simon line in her song “You’re so vain” that goes… “I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee,clouds in my coffee..” Well, my dreaming is done, the heat is temporarily broken, it’s rainy,a little damp and it was actually cold on my bus this morning. ...more

Dog Day Dressage: Notes from Nuno.


Screen House-Day 2

Well, here we are tonight, out in the screen house. If you look at the picture of the Zush, she accurately reflects the amount of sweat we are dealing with. Kasia is outside the screen house, guarding us or protesting about or sweat- take your pick. The humidity has returned with a vengeance and weather is threatening to go to three digits. Thus, we are out here letting the compressor rest while we listen to the Phillies on the transistor radio.I am reading, too, to try to take advantage of twilight. All is quiet right now at Undisclosed location. ...more

Stormy Weather

The calling card of summer in the Mid-Atlantic states is that calling card of the three H’s- hazy, hot and humid. So far,5 days in, it hasn’t ceased to fail my expectations. The thought of walking to public transportation in the heat, coming home in the heat, hah..what’s cooking unless it’s cool?Back in the old days I’d go to the local recreation center to swim, but that’s a leisure I don’t have time for any more. ...more

Today, I melted

Today, I melted. Summer is still here, yes, four days later. Who'd have thought?...more
I probably would have turned around at the point where I stepped in the cow dung. more

Beat the Heat

This past week in Minneapolis has been ungodly hot. Everyone knows about the winters and how crazy they are, but no one expects the heat. What makes it ten times worse is the humidity. The air is palpable, like you could swim through it. ...more