September Heat Wave Playlist

Summer Ain’t Over Until The Heat Comes DownThe weekend is finally here, back in school is back, and the next holiday to look forward to is Halloween. So, lets get this weekend rockin’ with some cool jams to keep cool-minded. If you are in Southern California this weekend it’s supposed to be a hot one....more


There’s due to be a three-day over 90 degree heat wave here at Undisclosed.I shudder to think what’s due for the big city.I have been breaking in the washer and dryer down here and making sure my lighter stuff has made the pile of things that have to make its way back up to town.It goes without saying I’d prefer to be down here, but alas, bills still have to get paid....more

Save The .... Tennis Players??

Who is your favourite for the Australian Open this week? Williams? Azarenka? Nadal? Djokovic? Enjoy them while they last. --Better yet, implore them to stop playing. Before real tragedies happen. Photo by Vladsinger. ...more

Lighter the better

They are calling for a string of 90 degree days and you just know how much I adore the hot weather.**read heavy sarcasm here** Drastic times call for drastic measures. ...more

Global warming

If one more person asks me if it’s “hot enough for me,” I think I may dig out my own eyeballs with a spoon.It’s true. In case you’ve ever wondered, people really do say shit like that. Stupid, silly clichés that mean absolutely nothing. I never used to believe it, but it’s true....more
I love your photographs.  And you are brave to run in that kind of heat.  I don't even venture ...more

It's Hot!!

99% of the time I love living in Austin.  This summer is that one percent that is just miserable.  The average number of days over 100 degrees in Austin is 13.  This summer?  We are already over 40 days and triple digits are predicted for the next 14 days. ...more
Still no rain!!! I seriously think rain is just a figment of my imagination!more

Weather Weary

It’s 101 degrees here. The air quality is Code Orange – meaning unsafe for sensitive groups, including small children. People are being told to stay inside if they can. They are being urged to check in on their elderly neighbors. The situation is dire. But, as anyone with small children knows, these warnings are wholly inadequate. So listen up public safety officials. I have some additions to your official warnings. People should be urged to check not only on their elderly neighbors, but also on those with young children....more