PODCAST: Talking With Heather Spohr About Grief and Hope

April 7th marks the one-year anniversary of the tragic passing of Madeline ("Maddie") Spohr, daughter of Heather Spohr from The Spohrs Are Multiplying. ...more

Heather is so articulate. What an inspiration.

Thanks, ShePosts.com, for this wonderful ...more

Interview: Anissa Mayhew Talks to BlogHer about Her Stroke, Her Recovery and the “Amazing” Support

Many of us know Anissa Mayhew as the ass-kicking, hard-charging author of Hope4Peyton and Free Anissa. Last November, we suddenly met her husband, Peter under circumstances we would never wish: Anissa had just suffered a massive stroke. He posted on her blog: I really just keep feeling like I’m in a bad dream. Do these people not realize who they are dealing with? This is Anissa Mayhew. The strongest, most amazing woman I’ve ever met. She’s thirtyfreakinfive and can move mountains with her smile. She can beat this. There was some hand squeezing the first evening. Baby step, but encouraging. Then came the news of the second bleed. ...more

We're still pulling for ya! Your spirit, hope, and persistance inspires us all! ...more