Heat and more heat

Continuing the heat from yesterday,I had to put together clothes to wear into the office today.That wasn’t an easy task, as I kept all my work clothes together when we moved but they were down in the hot cellar. I had gone down half-dressed and had striped Capri pants on.What do you think that I grabbed to wear on top? A seersucker plaid shirt: truly an outfit you wish you had vertical hold for.Fortunately I was awake enough to realize my fashion error and changed pants! Whew! Crisis averted. ...more
It is mighty hot here where we are staying in south Texas. I wear summer dresses constantly ...more

Top 10 Eco-Ways to Keep Cool While the Planet Heats Up

 Do you love summer but hate the heat? Me, too, especially when it’s combined with the high humidity we have where I live in the Washington, D.C. suburbs. Here’s how I’ve been keeping cool as 100+degree heat waves have rolled through town:...more

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The humidity in Washington, ...more

To all my Floridian family and friends, I am sorry……

I have never understood how someone who lived their entire life in New York, with the brutal winter temperatures, moves down to Florida and within a year, they are freezing on a 75 degree day.  In addition, I haven’t been too compassionate to this issue over the years.  I have openly made fun of these folks when they have returned to NY for a summer visit. My mom tried to explain it to me once.  She said it is so hot down there; your body gets use to the oppressive temperature.  She tried to reason with me, stating that the days are so hot and humid.  The te...more