This is my eight hundredth post. I can’t believe I have been doing this long. Today(12/19)is my nephew Gregory’s birthday-he is 24 years old today.I lost two of my buddies to heaven.Zush was younger and Kasia was a wee one when I started.Mom was sick and still around and Bob and I were care-givers.Jim and I lived in a different house.I wasn’t this close to finishing out my first career.Undisclosed location wasn’t even around. ...more

To Infinity and Beyond

Dear gracious and compassionate One, He who is close to the brokenhearted, You seem to be calling her home. If so, I pray that instead of sorrow, she would know only anticipation. Of the ever after, infinity, glory. A dry place. No tears.            I hope You stand between her and her earthly love, one great and gentle arm across her shoulder, another around his, drawing them to Yourself. I ask that the air they breathe be You (That near. Be that near to them, please.)....more

Orgasms, Heaven and What Exactly is 'A Few Days'

So, I have been feeling superdy-freaking-duperdy overwhelmed the past few days.  A few days is never an exact number, is it?  Like when the pediatrician asks me how long a kid has had their fever and sore throat, and I say a few days.  By few days I am referring to maybe 18 hours, but it is (usually) a Friday and I want a back-up antibiotic prescription just in case Saturday rolls around and sore throat is now major problem.  Or, how long have I been overwhelmed?...more

H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

Where is heaven? We can’t see or hear everything in the electromagnetic spectrum; in fact the portion that we can see and hear with our human eyes and ears is just a small percentage including certain colors of light and radio waves. We can feel some things that we can’t see, such as infra-red light. Is it possible that heaven is right here among us? If you have a living hell, couldn’t you have a living heaven? If heaven is a state of mind, as some people say, couldn’t hell be the same?<><><>...more


I was having dinner with my girlfriend the other night when the topic of death came up. We are both unfortunate members of girls-who’ve-lost-their-fathers-too-young club; and as well-meaning as many people are, it is nice to speak with someone who understands what I’m going through....more


I was fortunate to have two wonderful, loving grandmothers. This grandmother, Lizzie, was my father's mother. My father was her oldest son, and my grandmother could not walk past him without patting him on the back, or touching his hair. She loved my father. She loved us too and her way of loving was to hug us until we couldn't breath.  ...more
 @GLRED  I have a collection of graniteware with a big blue coffeepot, basket included. It ...more

Oozing, infection, fever. Is it payback for having given The Story of My Life by Helen Keller a low rating on goodreads.com?

Well, how did I know? I mean, she's been dead for many years. It's not like I set out to hurt Helen Keller's feelings. It was a book review, for gosh sake. Someone should tell a person that posting negative reviews of classic literature by people with disabilities will cause the spirits of those authors to take over the bodies of Golden Retrievers who will come and sink their teeth into your hip causing you to bleed and ooze and spike a fever that lasts for several days and perplexes the urgent care folks.All I said on goodreads.com was this:...more

What Fresh Hell is This?

 Botticelli's Dante...more
Whiskey sours! more

Is it acting or is it real?

Ok, I have to admit, I probably watch a little too much tv.  I mean between True Blood, The Closer, Rescue Me, Locked up Abroad and others, my dvr stays full.Biography is one of my favorite channels.  I woke up one morning and Celebrity ghost stories was on.  Yes I sleep with the tv on.  It's probably why I dream so much.  Anyway, our good friend Bubba Gump, otherwise known as Mykelti Williamson was on sharing his story.  It's a little under 1...more