The un-impartability of self-worth

When I see my son I know how amazing he is. I know that he worth more than the riches in the world. I know he is special. I know he has a wonderful body that is capable and needs no "improvements." I know that my son has much to offer the world. I know he doesn't need to change or conform to standards that others may see fit to place upon him. I know that. But what about him? ...more

I'm Not Afraid Of Heaven: My Mom, Dad and Baby Are Waiting For Me

  I’m not so afraid of going to heaven now as I used to be. In fact I kind of look forward to going because some of the people I love most are there. It has changed my perspective of heaven, from a far away foreign place to a sweet home place. My grandparents, mother-in-law, daddy, mama and a miscarried baby are all in heaven. I envision this home place to be a large gray wooden and stone house with a big rocking chair front porch....more