Jumbo Knits.

Sweaters may feel fresh right now (just like those red cups at Starbucks), but soon enough, we'll all be weary of that jeans-and-a-sweater c...more

When In Doubt, Go Nude!

Everyone has that dilemma of trying to find the perfect shoe for your outfit. Welp, dilemma solved! Nude isalways the answer. My go-to rule of thumb for any color combo is nude, nude, nude! Just look at Kate Middleton, the queen of nude (royal pun un-intended.) She is so simple and classic yet so fashionable because she never has more than one statement in her outfit. Her statement is always in her dresses, and she pairs them with a modest nude pump so that it doesn't compete with her fabulous outfit....more

Christian Louboutin Spring/Summer 2012

Some of you might know that I am a late bloomer when it comes to shoes. Well, because of my height, I have been wearing flats for the bulk of my life. I switched to wearable heels some 5 years ago. ...more

All That Glitters is GOLD... Shoes, that is!

What could be more suited to a Glamorous Gadabout than glamorously gold glittery shoes?? NOTHING! We all know Dorothy secretly wanted gold slippers, right? Now, not all gilded accessories are created equal - glitter easily falls off {very UNglamorous!} - so if you have your eye on some sparkles below your ankles, it's time to invest in a pair that will last through many nights of being glamorous till dawn. Here are my favorites!...more
I adore #9 they could go with anything from the LBD to a pair of jeans and a funky top!more

If I don't have my head on straight this is why...

Blog Directory ....I got convinced to drink >2 (what were they called(S)?) after pacing up and down a job fair in ...The fans i...more

The Wedge Heel: a dream come true...

Let me start off by saying that I'm completely aware of the benefits of wearing high-heeled shoes. I mean, it makes your bum look great, your legs look slimmer, and your thighs/calves more taut. BUT, wearing heels everyday is really not good for your lower back, feet, knees and even your posture. And as we approach summer the urge to wear heels as often as possible is even stronger because we wear skirts, shorts and dresses that show off our legs. So, do we sacrifice comfort for beauty?...more

Wedges are 10 times more comfy than regular heels ...they really should always be in style for ...more

In the Nude

Lately I've been breaking out all my floral prints and bright colors for the season and it's made me realize how badly I need more neutral options in the shoe department. I tend to lean towards a quieter shoe when sporting busier wardrobe favorites (like this one), and I find it completely worth while to spend a little more on the closet basic....more

Putting it All Together: Learn from My Shoe Mistake

I'm a flats girl; I only rarely wear heels. I like the idea of heels, especially really high heels, the kind that make your legs look eleven miles long, but in my everyday life, there's too much running around and hauling of laundry and tossing of baseballs to make a nice pair of stilettos a viable option. Most days, I opt for ballet flats, because they're easy to wear and they go with my skinny-jeans-and-a-tee uniform and I can haul $200 worth of groceries in from my car without missing a beat....more
I just gave a pair of platforms to Goodwill yesterday. They were gorgeous but impossible to walk ...more