8 Ideas Better Than Funding a Political Candidate

The JEB! campaign will be spending $14 million over the next two months in an attempt to take New Hampshire. The spend includes two Super Bowl commercials, with the average 30-second spot costing $4.5 million....more

Who's Afraid of Veruca Salt?

I am fairly sure you all remember Veruca Salt, the spoilt brat from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory who gets thrown down a garbage shoot for being such an entitled little shit. She is the epitome of everything I do NOT want any of my daughters to be. I detest people like her, at any age, and would not wish such a fate upon my girls....more

This Season, Don't Have a Cow - Give One

The family received a challenge this year from my stepmother, 'Squirrelly Shirley': Spend just $10 per Christmas gift and donate the rest. "I believe our money could help others and that is the real spirit of Christmas," she wrote in her email. She had other ideas, such as sending gifts to soldiers abroad, but her simple plea was this: "Let’s get creative with Christmas this year and give our hearts." And so, Shirley and a few lucky others will be getting baby chicks and bees for Xmas. ...more

I love this idea! The gift that keeps on giving ad infinitum. Similarly, my son's teacher gave ...more