Seven Pounds of Cassette Tapes

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My Dollhouse!

When my Dad died last month, I felt like I lost a big part of myself.Thankfully, he left me with two significant heirlooms to cherish and remember him by.One is a handmade steelstring guitar that he and I designed together, with inlay up the fretboard taken from a drawing that I created.The second is a homemade dollhouse that he built for me when I was six or seven.  It needs a ton of work, but I'm hoping to clean it up and have it ready for my daughters to play with in the next couple of years....more

Mother’s Day Heirlooms

I have mentioned several times before how I love to incorporate traditions to help establish our family legacy. However, Mother’s Day seems to cause a hiccup. This year instead of staying in pity party mode for my own inequities of this day, I have decided to establish a plan (of course) to make Mother’s Day a lasting legacy in our home....more

A Tale of Two Apple Trees.


You Can't Pass Down Your Tweets

My great-grandfather came to this country from Italy in the early 1900's.  His supposed intention was to send for his wife and children after he got settled but his family never heard from him again. So his daughter, my grandmother, came to America when she was 16 years old to look for him.  According to my mother, my grandmother said she never found out what happened and wouldn't talk about him anymore.I often think how sad it was that my mother and her siblings never got to know their grandfather or really anything about him....more
I have been thinking about that a lot lately, namely because my mother's family is showing signs ...more