Are You Ready to Sleep Train Your Baby?

There are days when I feel like I got this motherhood thing down. Like, I really got it down. On those days, I feel like nothing can stop me from conquering everything on my to-do list. Laundry? Check. Grading? Check. Lesson plans? Check. Grocery shopping? Check. Do some writing? Check. Dinner cooked? Check. Most importantly, keeping my kid happy and fed? Check and check! ...more

Letting The Helicopter Go

Remember when you were a kid, and you would go outside at 9AM, play at the creek, collect crawdads, dig holes, ride your bike to the furthest park in your neighborhood — without a helmet — run into your friend’s house for a quick bite for lunch, roll down a few hills, play tag, stomp through mud and make a little grave for the dead bird you found — only to return home at 5PM just in time for dinner, smelling like dirt, sunshine and creek water?Remember that? Or something like it?...more

I Would Rather He Break His Arm: Helicopter Parenting in America

Helicopter MomThe Urban Dictionary defines a "Helicopter Mom" as:...more

What Django Taught Me About Motherhood

I really loved the movie Django!  I'm not a mom but I can see how you would connect to that ...more

Is it Our Bad Parenting or Our Bad Behavior?

This week, I saw yet another piece online about the evils of helicopter parenting. The gist was something along the lines of how if you know where your kids are at all times it’s a bad thing. Of course, I couldn’t resist a rant....more

American Moms are Not Female Dogs

Disclaimer: I strongly believe that the author of the New York Magazine article, ‘Sit. Stay. Good Mom!,’ inadvertently mischaracterizes the philosophies of the Resources for Infant Educarers foundation as well as its founder, Magda Gerber. If you’d like information about RIE, please visit Educarers. ...more

Bubble-Wrapped Kids? You bet!

 There is a lot of debate in the blogosphere about Helicopter Parenting and Bubble-Wrapped or Cotton-Wool Kids. I make no apologies for protecting my children. They say crime is down. Maybe per capita it is overall down. Maybe there are less arrests or convictions or whatever. Or maybe there is less shoplifting and littering and other non-violent crimes. Or maybe ’they’ are wrong....more

Man the Mommycopter!

Before I had a kid – you know, back when I knew everything about parenting – I knew that I did not want to be a helicopter parent. And I was confident I wouldn’t be, because I knew it was wrong and crazy and not my style and that parenting was about neatly executing all that you know to be true and good TA DA!...more

Yes... I am "that" parent....

This is an open letter to the parents I encountered in a packed indoor children’s playground this morning… Yes everyone…I am “that” parent and I am proud of it. I am that parent who will not “hover” less than one step away from my child at all times so when he plays he knows that “I am always there” to do things for him. I am that parent who; if my child takes your child’s toy, not only will I be on my child in less than a second, BUT I will return said toy to your child faster than my kid can say “sorry”. I am that parent who will give your child the benefit of the doubt in a conf...more

Playgrounds Are Too Safe? Where? Sign Me Up for a Playdate There!

Newsflash: Playgrounds are too safe. If you're taking your children to one of these un-imaginative, un-inspiring, un-risky, un-challenging playgrounds, you are short-changing your child of a productive future. They won't know how to take life risks or how to succeed at a challenging goal if they don't have real monkey bars....more
It is a crazy balancing act...isn't is??? You want to teach your child to be confident in ...more