The Waiting: For Parents of College Applicants, Who Not to Talk to Until April 1st

Once college applications are completed, high school seniors enter a lull period, an interminable limbo, worsened by the pressure to keep their grades up.If you’re the parent of a senior, you can feel productive during this stage by selling your embarrassing large library of SAT prep books on e-Bay and ordering Twin XLsheets on sale.And, to maintain your sanity, here is a list of people NOT to talk to until after April 1st:...more

Grounding Helicopter Parents

Which Type of Helicopter Parent Are You? A Quiz and A Simple Step

Not all "helicopter" parents are the same.   Yes, the term has become synonymous with parents who overmanage, spoil, or "hover" over their children to prevent them from facing any hardship or setback.  But a recent Australian study suggests that there are subtypes of helicopter parents....more