Meet Sanrio's Gudetama–The Lazy Egg + Hello Kitty's New BFF!

Hello Kitty has a new adorable friend, Gudetama!-PJ Gach...more

Hello Kitty is a Cat: My Open Letter to Sanrio

In case you haven’t heard, Hello Kitty is not a cat. Well, that’s what author Christine R. Yano was told by Sanrio (the company that owns Hello Kitty and her friends) when she was preparing her script for a Hello Kitty exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum. ...more
If it looks like a kitty and it's name is Kitty than it's a kitty.more

Hello Kitty & The Penguin

Today, I'm looking at two nearby figures that have been standing guard for a while now atop my computer desk.  It's no secret that I love Hello Kitty and this little figurine was given to me by a shopkeeper a couple of years ago. She was originally on my key chain, but the link broke, so I put her where I could see her every day. I had another Hello Kitty key chain which was an unexpected surprise with an e-bay purchase....more

Hello Kitty iPad Leather Case

 Hello Kitty Leather iPad Case by ...more


Fondness for cute is alive and well in this Asian girl. I totally squealed with delight when I saw a set of Hello Kitty silicone baking mould at the store last night. Of course I bought them and gave them a test run immediately after dinner. So much for not playing the typecast Asian. I’ll tell you more about this pet peeve some other day. I have Hello Kitty cakes to show off!Anyway, this is how the baking went....more

Hello Kitty is as heavy as three apples

I stumbled across a Hello Kitty backpack in Target the other day and was stunned by what I saw. Right next the picture of the beloved cat was a caption that read "I am as heavy as three apples." Since when does anyone care how much Hello Kitty weighs? ...more

Write Now

"How many thumbdrives did you put your manuscript on?" I put my tray table up and turned in my seat to face my husband. "Four. No, five." He raised his eyebrows a couple times. "Is it good?" he said. "Your book?" I shrugged. "I think so." "And it's ready? You're sure?" I looked out into the night. Peered down at the sprinkle of lights that was Colorado Springs. "Yep. It's ready. I'm sure." ...more

This was brilliant! I want more! I'm on the 14th chapter of my book and I'm stuck!!!! Now I ...more

I'm Not Oprah

Did you watch Oprah's very last ever Favorite Things show the other day? I did. I watched both of them, Friday and Monday. Like so many people, I've dreamed of being on that show for years. And as those last two gifting frenzies rolled before my eyes, I was a little bit sad that my chance to be there was really, officially over. Not that I ever thought I'd actually get there, but knowing there was still the teensiest possibility was fun....more


That guy's reaction to double rainbows might not compare to my reaction to double Hello Kitty. She actually has a rainbow on each box so this is also a double rainbow. lol. Honestly, this is kind of how I react normally to Hello Kitty so this is not much of a stretch. ....more