Ramen In The City

As a native New Yorker and foodie, I can honestly say that I have sampled and eaten almost everything that's been placed in front of me. From pigs' feet, octopus, snails, duck liver and staples like burgers & macaroni & cheese, I have enjoyed them all. That's why when my husband insisted that I should check out a Ramen place in Manhattan, I wasn't sure why I should. My first thought was what's so special about this Ramen place? To me, noodles were noodles until I saw it for myself. ...more

Top Chef: Bye Bye Mike I

Mike Isabella was shown the door on Top Chef last week. It was a fair bounce: I would say to the remaining chefs and to anyone applying for a job that when you act like 'whatever,' that's how you get treated. He screwed up and his basic behaviour was, 'whatever.' I am happy to see him go for another reason. I was so tired of the misogyny from him. Granted, as the season has gone on, his comments were more directed at Robin and her lack of skill. However I thought that he never consistently backs up his vast knowledge and skill. The leeks incident is but an example....more

Hell's Kitchen Chef Gordon Ramsay Calls For End To Out Of Season Fruit And Veg

Fowl-mouthed Hell's Kitchen host Gordon Ramsay has called for "stringent" licensing laws to be put in place in the UK to ensure that "produce is only used in season." The Scottish born celebrity chef appealed for extreme measures to penalize non-compliant restaurants during an interview broadcast by the ...more