The Schuberth C3 Modular Motorcycle Helmet, 1 Year and 10,000 Miles Later

I have been wanting a modular flip up helmet for a while now. This was my first choice in that ...more

The Internet Gives People Big Balls

If there is one thing I learned in the past week — it is that the anonymous aspect of the internet turns people into giant assholes with no filters. Which is pretty disappointing considering these people also pride themselves on being adults.I am pretty sure I could expect behavior like this out of some snot nosed middle-schooler’s – but people old enough to be my own mother… yeah not so cool....more

To Helmet or Not to Helmet

My husband is a dare devil with our kids.  They love all the fun things they do with Daddy, while the over protective Mommy nags on the side lines.  One hot topic that always comes up is safety pads and helmets.I have heard from parents on both sides of the spectrum.  For instance a girl I know puts a helmet on her 4 year old daughter when she rides her tricycle.  That seems very excessive to me... to finish this read please visit new2two at ...more

Elkhart Lake Olympic Distance Triathlon Race Report Katie ...more

Spring Fling: Getting the Proper Fitting Bike Helmet {with Video}

Bike Riding Season I realize that for many parts of the country, spring is in full bloom, but here in the Northern regions, we are looking at a forecast full o...more

Cut It Out: Keeping Your Hair Young

I seem to be going on and on about hair, but it is such an important aspect of our appearance and, I think, a reflection of how we feel. So, here are just a few more tips and comments about hair that I think are important in the grand scheme of keeping our hair – and ourselves – looking young. 1.No razor cut around the ears, no ears cut out period. We need hair around the face to soften our overall appearance. The hair around the face should also be feathered or ‘wispy’ and uneven, rather than hacked off in a straight line....more