How Did You Decide to Help Haiti for the Rest of 2010?

Last week in my post, Keeping Your Balance While Helping Haiti, I suggested that you research organizations working in Haiti that you would like to support by donating, volunteering, or helping in some other way throughout 2010.  We need to support the people of Haiti now, but also in the future, when the hard work of rebuilding begins....more

Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful ways that you are helping, and plan to help the ...more

Artists Helping Haiti

News of the 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti yesterday is barely 24 hours old, and already I have to turn away from reports -- they're too difficult to read, and hear, and watch.  As a native of another Caribbean island, Trinidad, this news feels very close to home. In the same way that someone from Texas might deeply feel the misfortune befalling citizens of the neighbouring state of Louisiana (Katrina, anyone?), those of us from the Caribbean are deeply moved by any catastrophe that a neighbouring island suffers.  I feel helpless. As an artist, I wonder how I can help. ...more

I understand how you must be feeling. You don't have to come from Haiti or another Caribbean ...more

Mr. Binks and Mr. Blankie

MOMS - I need your help!Somebody is very attached to his Mr. Binks. So much so that if you ask him where Mr. Binks is, that he hunts it down and shoves it in his mouth. This is, of course, assuming that it isn't already in his mouth....more

Fight or flight? When is the right time to leave your relationship?

Okay, so here we go with the first blog for 2010 and the topic is a bit like an open wound: it's a sore spot but won't get better unless it's touched. So let's all get together and touch this one, okay? ...more

Happy New Year! And yes, a new year will bring many things to mind that we want to change or ...more

When Life takes a Turn You did not Expect

Hallelujah! Blessed be The Name, haShem, of The Lord! Baruch haShem! El Elyon is The Most High! I am His child! He chose me! Ye'shua The true Messiah suffered, died on the tree, was buried, and rose again the third day afterward. He is The Life, The Way, The Truth!_________________________________...more

"Working Day and Night"

I haven't left any crumbs on Blogher for a while -- I think I have too many social-networking attempts going on, and it's definitely catching up to me by way of not having the time to update all of them!  Yes, I seem to be addicted to all of the social media.  Email, blogging, facebook, twitter, you name it.  It's pathetic and I may need an intervention soon. ...more

Sex?? What now help

so here i am right 16 yrs old and confussed not knowing what to doi know 16 sounds like a little number but ive always ben ahead of my curbbefore i start i must ask that if you post dont judge me, i dont need judgment i need advice or someone to listen i mean its not like i could go to my friends for help what would they know, i need mature help mabe from someone thats going through the same thinq or has in other words ben there done that;So here it goes.....more

I think you need to slow down and save sex for AFTER you and a guy have established a ...more

Become the exception


Unleash Your Inner Rocky: Get Organized to Achieve Your Goals

By Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore As the leaves turn to golden hues, the temperature drops a degree or two, and you get settled back into regular routines, it is the perfect time to revisit some of those goals you set back in January. ...more

Working your options

Never for one second think that many of the professors, staff, faculty or professional people you are encountering in your college career will not be able to help you find a job when you are nearing graduation. I forgot who gave me this brilliant piece of advice, but I want to pass it along: "Always, always be networking." Fortunately, I listened to this advice since I was a freshman in college and it has already helped me get my foot in a few doors....more