Motivational Monday #21

Happy Monday y'all!  I'm sure many of you are excited that it's a short work week; thanks to our nation's birthday!  I know most of you probably aren't excited that the Fourth isn't on a Thursday, Friday or a Monday to prolong the weekend, but a break in the middle of the week will be nice. I hope you all enjoy these motivational images!! In honor of our nation's birthday I thought I'd put this one on there!! ...more

Best Picture Dinners: The Help

We're moving to the Deep South in today's edition of our Best Picture Dinners series. Next on my list is The Help, an inspiring movie about the power of storytelling used against oppression....more
@Kristi Walker@isthisthemiddle You guys are making my mouth water just *thinking* about ...more

He knows...and you are important

My nephew and his wife gave me a movie {The Help} for Christmas. They told me to watch it when I was prepared to cry. So I did. And I did {cry, that is}. But my favorite part was when the lil' girl's housekeeper, Aibileen, tells her, 'You is sma-a-art. You is ki-i-i-ind. You is important.'...more

4/30: Friday night

I had an evening out with Suzy tonight - a good way to end the week. We ate at a regular haunt of ours, Frankie & Benny's. We love the music and the food's pretty good, but we can never remember the name quickly enough (I blame Ben & Jerry's), so it gets re-christened every time we mention it to one another. Jenny and Dingo was for some reason the last combination of names that tripped off my tongue more readily than Ben & Jerry's Frankie & Benny's....more

Book Review: The Help

In a very brief, and incomplete, (and probably unfair) nutshell, The Help is the story of African American women working as maids in Jackson, Mississippi in 1962, the injustices they suffered in their positions and the courageous efforts of some of those women to change things. Based on the hype, I expected a lot more from The Help. While the plot was interesting, I didn’t think the story was particularly well written and I found the characters poorly developed, one-dimensional and weak....more

Life Through a Multiracial Lens

Since I finished reading The Help, by Kathryn Stockett, a few days ago, I have been filled with all kinds of thoughts and feelings about my own life. I took awhile for me to read the book in the first place – I was ambivalent and suspect that it would be too stereotyped for me to stomach.  I found myself thoroughly engrossed and deeply moved. ...more
I'm a white mom parenting a black daughter, and our very "Yankee" family just moved to the ...more

The Help and the burden of writing fiction.

Recently, the Association of Black Woman Historians issued a public statement to the fans of the book, The Help, and the movie based on it. They basically said that;The Help distorts, ignores, and trivializes the experiences of black domestic workers. ...more

"The Help" a Big Movement?

It’s the 1960’s and the setting is Jackson, Mississippi. The Help (film) is told from the perspective of three women: Aibileen, Minny, and Skeeter.  Aibileen is an African-American maid who cleans houses and cares for the young children of various white families. Her first job since her own 24-year-old son was killed on his job is caring for toddler Mae Mobley Leefolt. ...more

The Help Movie: Southern-Inspired Recipes

Say “Southern living” and sweet summer images fill my mind…Thoughts of muggy evenings spent on a front porch, sipping sweet tea while watching fireflies flit through the yard. But back in the 1960s, the era in which the book-turned-movie “The Help” takes place, “Southern living” conjured less idyllic sentiments....more

The Help

Question: Do you feel stuck or made to feel like your life can't get better? You think if you even try to and improve your life you will just be beaten down and told "NO, you aren't allowed to do that", right? Everyone should have one thing in this world that allows them to feel there is a chance at change. It's called hope - a powerful emotion. And once you have hope change can begin. Well, the movie, The Help, showed that if you have the courage to share your story, no matter how scared you are, or oppressed, you will eventually be free and happy....more