Myths & Misconceptions About Hemorrhoids

Affecting the anal area, Hemorrhoids, more commonly known as Piles, are the swollen or inflamed veins (blood vessels) around this almost unseen body area, which are both embarrassing and an inconvenient location of the body to be affected. The disease is thoroughly noted to affect the vascular structures, which cushions in the removal of the stool. The condition accompanies itself with itching, burning, pain and bleeding that rapidly restricts the normal bodily movements of the individual and the quality of life seems to decline of those suffering from it....more

4 Self-Help Tips For Treating Hemorrhoids in Pregnancy

Pregnant? Congratulations! I'm sure you can't wait to see the face of the little one growing inside of you. Then again, I'm also sure your body is undergoing changes you didn't expect to experience, such as - you guessed it - hemorrhoids!...more

Tender Mercies

I need to vent in private. I can't live with computers that divulge the whole story to people who are too close to have perspective. Sometimes I want to tell only MY side of the story!  I'm tagging this irresponsibly.  Hopefully only  the truely INSANE will find me! And, so it begins.....................more