Island Coconut Loose Tea Blend

  Because it's cold outside and hot tea is the only thing right now that keeps me from going into total hibernation, I've been tinkering in the kitchen with some new loose tea blends. I stocked up with some organic herbs earlier in the year to help us live healthier and improve our overall well-being. Herbal tea soothes the soul, folks! Soul-soothing is what I need. Always....more

Homemade Herbal Tea

 Homemade Herbal Tea is not only easy, but makes wonderful gifts. Many of the herbs that you can use in tea will be able to grow right out of your backdoor, or in a bright windowsill. While you do not have to dry your herbs to use them in tea, you will notice you will get a stronger flavor with dried herbs....more

Make and Fill a Bath Bag

 Fold a new facecloth in half. Sew along the bottom. Turn and sew, inserting the fold of a 20″ ribbon about 2/3 of the way up. The ribbon will tie the bag closed and can be used to hang the bag on a faucet. Great for gifts. Fill bag, tie closed and add the recipe on a pretty card....more

How to Make Sunshine

Today we rose to a sun that was trying it's darndest to burn through the mist that shrouds the redwoods. It'd peek through momentarily, lighting up the whole living room, and within minutes hide again beyond the mist....more

You have a way with words! I felt I was there...Thank you for the sunshine. in ...more

How to Create and Customize Your Own Herbal Salve Recipe

Herbal Salves are great products to keep in your medicine chest. Whether you buy them or make them yourself, they work because of the medicinal properties of the herbs and botanicals used to create the product. Salves can be used routinely year round to treat minor skin damage, burns, bruises, rashes, and even sprains. If you're planning on making your own salves and ointments, I recommend purchasing organic ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs. ...more


Strep culture came back negative. So, herbal we go: gargling cayenne, apple cider vinegar, drinking green tea w/ginger and ginseng. The cayenne helped yesterday, but burned my tongue a bit. If nothing else, the warmth of the tea soothes my throat. I think chamomile might have been better, but what do I know about teas?! I'm a coffee drinker! But I have trying to go more 'natural' so here's my chance. I got most of the ideas from and ...more