Growing Herbs From Seeds and Cuttings

Where can you get herbs for your garden? The easiest way to obtain herbs is to buy plants from your local nursery or one of the Big Box stores. You won’t get much variety, though. You can also order plants from catalogs. Or you can make your own herbs. Here’s how:...more

Brown Girl's Guide to An Ill Na Na: Why Every Brown Girl Should Yoni (V-Steam) Steam

My conversations with my mother and sistah-friends are honest, heartfelt, and humorous when it comes to our yoni (womb/vaginal) wellness and sexual health. (Yes, I have those conversations with my mother). I remember being in my pre-teen and teenage years, my mother would always keep it 100 about the sacredness of my vaginal. She said that my vagina was sacred and I need to protect and care for my vagina because it is very important for my health and womanhood....more

Herb Garden Design

The winter months when you can’t garden feel like they last forever. You can put them to good use designing new gardens or redesigning existing gardens. Herbs give you a few choices when it comes to garden design.Read more ...more

Herbs for a Cottage Garden

Herbs For a Cat Garden

Petowners love pampering their pets. What better way to pamper your cat than to plant an herb garden filled with plants that are both healthful and delightful?Read more ...more

Rosemary, a popular culinary herb also used to flavor oils and vinegars.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a perennial aromatic shrub that is native to the Mediterranean region. Its leaves are needles similar to conifers. It gets its name from a legend that claims that the Virgin Mary draped her blue cloak over a white blossomed rosemary. The flowers on the rosemary turned blue and the plant became known as Rose of Mary....more

DIY Rosewater

I saw a recipe for Cardamom & Rose Water Tea Cookies on Facebook and thought I’d like to try it. The recipe says that you can buy rose water in specialty stores, but if you have a rose bush there’s no reason why you can’t make your own rose water.Read more ...more

DIY Peppermint Extract

As the holidays roll around, I start baking up a storm. One of the classic flavors of the winter holidays is peppermint (Mentha piperita) . The peppermint used in baking is usually an extract rather than the leaves themselves. You can purchase peppermint extract at any grocery store but if you have a pot-o-mint in your garden like I do, it’s easy to make your own peppermint extract....more

Grow Your Own Poultry Seasoning

You’re probably already growing most of the ingredients for poultry seasoning in your herb garden. When you are drying your herbs in the fall, put these aside to make your herb mix for that all important Thanksgiving meal. Here’s what you’ll need:Read more ...more