Understanding Herd Immunity and How It Protects Your Health

If there is one issue guaranteed to polarize any group of parents, it’s vaccinations. Fears about autism and other potential side effects from the vaccines designed to protect children against serious, even life-threatening, diseases have led some parents to question the value of the shots — or even forgo them altogether....more

An Interview With Vaccine Expert Dr. Paul Offit

Vaccine expert Dr. Paul Offit is the author of the new book Deadly Choices: How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All. I talked with Dr. Offit about why you shouldn't have chickenpox parties, the realities of vaccine-preventable diseases, the importance of herd immunity, why it is unethical to run studies featuring vaccinated versus unvaccinated children, and just how extensively the autism-vaccine hypothesis has been debunked. ...more
Agreed - fantastic interview and I need it.  These are things I struggle with often with young ...more