In Praise of Heritage Turkeys - NABLOPOMO

Ridley Bonze turkeys - just like the old-fashioned turkeys your grandmother used to cookEvery day...more

Surprise, Surprise!

When I bought my house some years ago people were quick to make assumptions about my single-girl living arrangements.  The first was that I would have a roommate.  When I told them that I was buying a much more modest place than the bank suggested I could afford because my goal was to live alone, they immediately made a strange second assumption. "Oh!  Good!  Then you can walk around naked!" ...more

Thanksgiving dinner without a turkey? Here's how.

Pity the poor Thanksgiving turkey. Fattened up all year, it's devoured in a matter of minutes, eaten as leftovers for days thereafter, and then long forgotten - until next Thanksgiving, at least....more