And What About Dating?

A couple of  weeks ago my mentor asked me about my love life. I wasn't expecting the question but I gave an honest answer. It went something like this“How's your love life?”“I don't have a love life.”"Do you want one?"...more

Living With an STD: What It's Really Like

When you hear the term STD (sexually transmitted disease), what do you think of first? Grotesque pictures of maimed genitalia displayed on a projector during yester-year’s sex-ed class geared toward frightening you into abstinence? That scene from The Hangover where Sid says, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… except for herpes. That sh*t will come back with you”? ...more
@raenez You stated that HPV cannot affect men nor can men be tested for it, well, that leaves me ...more

Herpes: Medications Help, but Aren't 100% Protective

Brittany and Tom sat in my office holding hands. They looked a little worried and yet were interested in finding out more information about how to prevent Tom from passing Herpes on to Brittany. They were both in their late 20's and been together for about 6 months and so far, so good, she had not become infected, which was reassuring, but they wanted to do everything they could to prevent a future transmission....more
What do you recommend for reducing the painful symptoms of Herpes??more

Women and Herpes

Women at Higher...more

Herpes Treatments

I get calls and emails all the time from people with herpes who want to know if the over the counter remedies they've seen in on-line ads will really help with their symptoms.  Having herpes can be emotionally challenging and it's normal to want to get rid of symptoms quickly and get on with your life. It's also normal to want to use a so called natural ingredient to prevent outbreaks and make them go away as quickly as possible....more
When you have Herpes, HIV/AIDS, or any other STD, it can feel like you are all alone in the ...more

Is it Yeast or Could it Be Herpes?

I saw patient recently who came in for what she thought was a yeast infection, and when I examined her, I saw that she had multiple small red lesions around her genitalia. She hadn't noticed the sores, but did notice that when urine touched the skin, it hurt. She thought that the pain was from her recurrent yeast infections that she was treating with over the counter creams because she was traveling so much, she never had time to come in for an exam....more

April Was National STD Awareness Month Did You Get Screened?

Well, April has come and almost gone. With flowers budding and summer on it's way people often forget that April is National STD Awareness Month and it's a great excuse to get tested and push your partner to get tested. ...more

The Most Bizarre Case of Almost-Undiagnosed Herpes and My Cesarean Birth Story

  The Most Bizarre Case of Almost-Undiagnosed Herpes and My Cesarean Birth Story ...more

Herpes: Do most people fess-up to having it BEFORE they have sex?

I'm a divorced mom back out in the dating trenches.  And yes, I've become sexually active again (protected sex only), not with the intention of falling love but to release some of this psychotic, pent-up, approaching-40 sexual energy. But a few days ago a man I planned to meet this weekend for a first date told me he has herpes.  Shocked, I sat there waiting for him to say he was joking (not sure why) ....but no, he wasn't. ...more

I did some research on herpes just to find out how widespread it really is - and yeah, they ...more

Oral Sex and Herpes

 Eeewwww! I know, I know, this isnot exactly the kind of thing people want to talk about unless they’re worried that they may have gotten something “Down There.” ...more