When My Husband Came Out as a Woman

My husband came out to me as a woman this summer, three days after our five-year wedding anniversary. We were supposed to have our first date with a babysitter that night, but she bailed on us. Instead, we went out as a family for an afternoon drink at the local pub, fresh from the pool where I spent pretty much every day this summer with our four-year-old daughter. It was a damn good wedding anniversary. I think we were both feeling that our marriage had arrived at its strongest ever....more

Heterosexuality: Membership Has its Privileges

Heterosexual privilege is something that many, straight people never think about, but that almost, if not all GLBT people think about more often than they'd like. And why would straight people think about heterosexual privilege? ...more

I think you raise a good point.  We all need to remember that we are all equal under the law, ...more