Questions from a Catholic

I have some serious questions. I am asking you these things in the most humble and sincere way. My intention is not to judge or persuade. Instead, I am just a Catholic girl who really wants to know. Would you help me?...more

Always Let YOUR Conscience Be Your Guide

On the surface, the Bush administration's attempt to push through a last minute rule change "protecting" health care professionals who oppose abortion and other reproductive procedures sounds reasonable. After all, no one should be compelled to do work that is against her religious beliefs. However, as an article in the Nov. ...more

Where did all this legal game start?
Somehow we have been lead to believe that we no ...more

Bush Administration Launches Another Unwinnable War--Against Contraception

Warning, I am pissed off and use language to reflect that.  It's a rant, but a fact-based rant.  One note, I am not referring to Christian conservatives who do not think their values are more important than a woman's right to contraception. It's amazing how timely the questions I asked BlogHer to ask Obama and McCain campaign representatives during a special session were (questions that were not asked by the way). Here are the questions I submitted to BlogHer: ...more