Pantone: Poppy Red

I thought I'd share Pantone's Poppy Red this week, perfect for bringing in the Christmas season this first week of December. Of course Pantone places this in their Light and Bright category for the Spring 2013 color trends.  Poppy Red is exuberant and a beautiful pop of color.  You or your room will stand out when you use this color, whether it be as an accent or as a main color. ...more

What's Trending: A Moroccan Leg Influence

Another big trend I saw in High Point, was the influence of Moroccan table legs on pieces.  Eastern influences has been strong, but lately I feel that it has waned.  But this market, it the Moroccan leg was seen in many of the major upholstery showrooms.   ...more

Tuft Love

Tufted furniture has been around for centuries, and it's popularity comes and goes.  At this Market, it was everywhere, literally.  And in many of the furniture company press releases, tufting was a major emphasis, from traditional settees to transitional chairs to modern sofas.  This traditional look encompasses all styles, opulent to sexy to tailored.  Tufting adds softness and femininity to a furniture piece or to a space without overpowering.  That's the beauty of a tuft, it spans every style and there is a tufted piece for everyone! ...more

What's Trending: Brass & Black

While at High Point I'm always looking to see what is going to be the big trends for the season.  There were many, but one that stood out in particular was the combination of  Brass and Black. ...more

High Point Market: Fashion for the Home

As you know last week I was in High Point for Market.  This market's focus was on how fashion influences the home furnishings.  And I saw this trend in just about every showroom.  From window displays to fashion influenced prints & photos, to fabric selections.    ...more

Fabulous Finds Friday #29

Happy Friday everyone!  For this week's fab finds I'm going to pick 5 of my favorite pieces I saw this market, and next week I will be spotlighting all the wonderful places I hit up.  Enjoy!! Note these aren't in any order of ranking. Hickory Chair introduced this new piece, which is an adaptation of the 1271-55 Townsend Wing Chair from the James River Collection.  What a handsome beauty!  ...more

My High Point Oct 2012 Quick Glimpse

Hello friends!  I'm finally back home from High Point Market, and it was a great market.  There were some fabulous pieces.  Today I need to catch up on work, so I thought I'd share with you a little dose of some of those great pieces I saw.  Tomorrow I will be back with my normal posts. ...more

A Leg Affair

Who doesn't love beautiful legs?  That can be said for the interiors of your home.  Beautiful chair/sofa legs, table legs, desk legs, kitchen island legs, etc.  I absolutely love it when a piece of furniture has a beautiful leg; it's as if no detail has been left out.  Another way to pay attention to the little details, which are so important to me as a designer.  ...more

Hickory Chair University Part 3

This is the final post on Hickory Chair University.  I hope you have enjoyed the factory tours and more information on this great furniture company.  For my final post I thought I'd share with you the showroom, the Mezzanine.  The Mezzanine is designed to show vendors with stores how you can set up vignettes and also allow your clients (if you choose to bring them) to try out the furniture pieces. Before I finish the series on Hickory Chair, I want to reiterate how impressed I was with this company. ...more

Hickory Chair University Part 2

Today's post on Hickory Chair will be focused on the upholstery tour.  Once again I want to mention their EDGE philosophy.  It's very evident that the employees take this attitude/philosophy to heart and implement it into their daily work. Hickory Chair's standard seat cushion is a spring down cushion, and their sofa back cushions have horizontal channels.  Their throw pillows are European goose down cushions and if you want them to have hidden zippers, it is now an option with no up charge.   ...more