Truthseekers: Eggs are bad for your heart

EggLets Look at the Big Picture for Cholesterol:...more

Hot Flashes and High Cholesterol

Flash is an exciting word. A positive event. According to, a flash is:a brief, sudden burst of bright light: a flash of lightning.a sudden, brief outburst or display of joy, wit, etc. But now ’flash’ is also associated with high cholesterol.  (Hot flashes, that is.  And night sweats. And just like that — ‘in a flash’ I’d say, if I were a pun-ster —  flash falls flat....more

Hidden Costs of Health Care

Insurance Companies Have Record Profits, More People Skip Their Medicines...more

Dear Doctor: you didn't just say I should ditch wine, did you?

When my doctor said I should take fish oil pills to lower my suddenly-high triglycerides (and general high cholesterol), I was all fine with that. The problem was she also suggested I cut down (she might have said cut out) alcohol.  At this, I was horrified.  I have one measly glass of wine a night.  One.I would have just taken the fish oil pills and ignored this entirely, except my friend Christine asked me WHY you should reduce alcohol when you have high cholesterol and/or triglycerides....more

I totally agree with you. I have already begun to make major cut backs on my sugar intake, and ...more

Medicinal qualities of Chayote

Medicinal qualities of ChayoteChayote, better known as squash, has been used in Indonesia for ages as 'therapy' for hypertension, high-cholesterol, and diabetes. The green, pear-shaped vegetable root is listed as staple in some South American countries – the older fruit, or root often used as substitute for potatoes or grain as main meal ingredient. While in Indonesia, it can be found in dishes such as sayur Lodeh, oseng-oseng, or sayur asam. Its leaves can often be found in stir-fries or lalap – eaten raw or blanched as salad with peanut sauce....more

News About Menopause and Cholesterol

by Keri Gans, M.S., R.D., CDN...more

Dr. Holly Anderson- Preventing Coronary Artery Disease

Dear Dr. Anderson, I have a strong family history of coronary artery disease even though no one in my family has diabetes or obesity. Everyone who had this problem was fit and did not smoke. Maternal grandfather died in his 50's of a sudden heart attack. His sister died of heart failure in her 60's after having survived two heart attacks in her 50's. My mother and her sister had high cholesterol but no other risk factors; both died young after their symptoms were thought to be due to indigestion. They were in their late mid 50's. ...more