High Heels vs Sneakers: The Psychology of wearing the comfort shoes

Does the goddess of Venus wear heels to be considered beautiful ?  Do our feet have personalities, or a mind of their own? 2 days ago, I had to go somewhere and meet someone formally. After getting dressed for the occasion, I desperately looked for my sneakers that my family had apparently hidden somewhere.Reason?They find it ridiculous that I wear them anywhere and ignore the heels. One of my friends, also forbade me to wear my sneakers that day no matter how adorable they looked....more


I walked down the empty corridor, the modest heels of my pumps clicking satisfyingly on the tiles. After a three-hour night class, I couldn’t wait to get home for dinner and an icy drink, so the clicks echoed quickly, pertly....more

ShopStyle and My Weakness for Shoes

I’ll admit: I have a weakness for s...more
ShopStyle Thanks for the tweet! I was JUST showing your site to a friend who needs a dress for ...more


Yes.  With everything that we have to worry about today – budgets, crime, jobs, war, holiday anxiety etc., etc., etc.  I am focused on stilettos and want to wear sexy shoes.  Not the kind of middle-aged dress up pumps with square supportive heals in neutral colors, but the kind with the spikes that could do major damage as a weapon.  And, they must be RED!!  ...more

Christian Louboutin says His Heels SHOULD be Painful

It really is no suprise, I mean look at the hight of these shoes:...more

Three Inch Pleather Leopard Heels & L

Every chance this child gets she is running to my closet to retrieve my three inch leopard heels.  They are adorable I must say but she really shouldn’t be walking in them.  She doesn’t care if she is naked, in a tutu, feetie pajamas or her soccer uniform, those heels are going on and she can walk better in them than most women. click link to finish reading post from new2two http://new2two.com/?p=34...more

Shoes That Kill (Your Dignity)

So many women love their high heels. They say the shoes make them feel sexy, confident, sophisticated, thinner, and more powerful. They say that high heels make their legs look better, make their butts look better, and pull their outfits together. They say that men love the look of high heels. ...more

Put some spring in your step!

It's sort of a winter-ish, windy day outside my window, but nonetheless, I'm excited for SPRING! No doubt we'll be seeing a whole lotta coral colors, lace textures, and neutral-toned shoes. Here are a few lil' items that are makin' me stoked on spring.The Hive & Honey Embroidered Sundress IS spring itself--radiant coral color and the embroidered detail are DELISH....more

Stiletto Solutions for Fearless Feet

I'm far from a flats-only type of girl, but I'm also pretty practical. I know for a fact that I'm a lot more fun when my feet aren't killing me, and if I'm wearing heels, there's a good chance I'm somewhere I'd like to be having fun. Therefore, unless I've been guaranteed a short walk from the car and a seat for the entire evening, I'm generally in shoes that are reasonably comfortable. ...more

It doesn't matter if they're comfortable or not. I think my ankle cracks a little just thinking ...more

Shanasia Bennett Rocks for Protesting Daggering, the Latest Reason It Sucks to Be a Teenaged Girl

What seems like hundreds of years ago, I was a senior in high school. In many ways, I feel like those times were the slightest bit easier, although by no means would I describe my tempestuous high school years as easy. Peer pressure and the desire to fit in was no different back then than it is now. Girls were sexualized in the media and in popular culture. Trends came and went. Still, I did not have to contend with Facebook, digital cameras, texting, twittering or any of this newfangled technology that ramps up the pressure to do what the other kids want or pay for it. (Also, no one thought it made any sense to wear shoes with enormous platforms and 95-inch high heels, which I appreciate.) Now that prom season just passed, it's again clear how hard it is to be a teenage girl. ...more

One of the things I really like about pro-sex feminism (the kind that isn't co-opted by "Girls ...more