HIIT: The Calorie-Burning Routine You Can Do Anywhere

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is rising in popularity amongst the masses at supersonic speeds. Besides body weight training, HIIT is the top fitness trend of 2014. This upbeat, fast-paced method requires dedication, commitment, stamina, and endurance, but the results are well worth the effort. ...more
I LOVE HIIT! You can get a great workout in just 20 minutes doing HIIT!more

High Intensity Interval Training benefits the middle-age body AND brain

Have you heard of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) - a.k.a. High Intensity Training (HIT)? It's a type of exercise in which you do a bunch of short burst of intense activity and alternate it with less intense activity. For example, walking for 30 seconds then sprinting for 30.Well in addition to its success in weight loss and cardiovascular health, it also significantly improves cognitive abilities in middle-aged folks. Specifically, HIIT improved participants' memory and thinking....more

Are You Still Using Traditional Cardio?

If that's the case you shouldn't be...At least not the way in which you've learned up to this point...For many years it's been deemed have to have an hour or so of cardiovascular exercise every day inside your "fat burning zone" to lose weight.Can you imagine if this has been junk information?Are aerobics really the ideal way to lose weight?Have you ever heard of HIIT? In the event you have not then I'm sure you might have heard of strength/weight training....more