Dear Little Sister

Why My 20th High School Reunion Will Be More Fun Than My 10th

I recently sat on a conference call for the planning of my 20th high school year reunion. When you are pushing 40, it appears someone inevitably has a conference line and access code handy so this is how you do things. (I was kind of hoping we could all connect through three-way calling, but oh well.)...more

Graduation Advice for High School (and Beyond)

Today my 14-year-old graduated and the school celebrated with a “Middle Mem ...more

Employment in high school: Should you encourage your teen to work?

 As a high school kid, I had a couple of different jobs. First, I worked at a shoe store selling athletic shoes, but I quit when school, sports, and band became too demanding (I know what you’re thinking… band. Yes, I am proud to say I was a band geek.). Then I switched to working only during the summers for a lawn & landscaping business....more

By the end of this Year.!

NaBloPoMo nov.20 PromptIf I would desperately hope for something to happen by the end of this year, that is ; my university academic year to start. I don’t miss either books or lecture halls. I miss people, lots and lots of  people. I like to look at them, observe them and listen to them. People are the main proportion of a society. Each one of them has a story. They represent their story by the choices they make....more

Remember Me

 High school was an all right time for me. I'm glad it wasn't the best time of my life like a lot of people say it should be — I mean, I still have the rest of my life to live!...more

Nine Ways High School Football Fosters Community

I'd like to introduce the positive side of football.  I'm well aware of the dangers of the sport and the negative press at the professional level; there's a lot of talk about the bad side, and rightly so.  For our family, football gave my son more than any sport, a sense of community on so many levels both inside and outside the team.  He never wanted to miss a practice or a game.  He wanted his parents to watch him play and we wanted to be there too, Friday Night Lights fans....more

What I Would Tell My High School Self

Back in August I was struck by something interesting.Seeing parents dropping their kids off, seeing teenagers pulling into the parking, it immediately took my mind down memory lane. I went to a small Christian school from 2nd grade to senior year, and apart from a mean girl or two and some typical school stress, I had a wonderful school experience.I made friendships that I knew would last forever. With my best friend MaryBeth, we even remember making up a secret handshake on the playground in 2nd grade. Now, that’s lasting stuff. :)...more

Things I Wish I Had Believed in High School

Sometime this fall, right around the time that Baby "Florken" (or the "Blorken" as many of you have been referring to it) makes its appearance, I'll likely get an invite to my 10-year high school reunion....more
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