Ten things I've learned in the 10 years I've been out of high school

1. Water is everything. Omg this is the first thing that came to mind HA! It's so true. I feel myself losing hydration and water is the root to so many ailments. Headache? Hungry? Sluggish? Can't commit to Essie Madison AveHUE or Cute as a Button? Water cures it %90 of the time. ...more

Generation Frustrations: Understanding the Generational Divide

Originally posted on ChapterTK.comWhen I was in high school, I had a lot of pride for my poems. While I was afraid to share any of them until the end of my grade school education, I still had a lot of pride in them. It’s funny looking back and seeing just how young I sound....more

Big, fat, hairy lies

A glance at the clock jarred me. I had to get changed and leave as soon as possible to make it back to the high school on time.After donning a frumpy pink dress, I looked in the mirror. While not flattering, it didn’t reveal every roll of fat on my torso. A quick analysis of my cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose showed no new zits for once.But then there was my hair. It hung limply around my face, still damaged from pointless junior high perms. It was oily, but there was no time to wash and dry it before the spring band concert....more

High School Sweethearts

Living in a small town, I am still mystified by how many high school sweethearts are around me.  I only had 92 kids in my graduating class, and there are quite a few from that class that have been together since they were 16.  Like I said, it is a mystery to me.  I only had 2 boyfriends in high school, and neither were what I would call longevity material.  So how did any of these people know at 14, 15, or 16 years old that the person they were with at that time was "The One"?  How does anyone really know at that age?...more

Here We Go Again

Last year I wrote a post on the first day of high school for my daughter.  We survived the first year. So of course there are new things I hope for her and for my other kids which we can get to later.  Today, I’m posting the letter again in case you missed it or in case you have a child beginning high school this year.  It was from my heart and every word still holds true.  I think it’s a good way to start....more

A Guide to Homeschool High School Transcripts & Record Keeping

In our last installment, Planning the High School Years Part 1, we talked about how important it is to plan out the courses your child wishes to take over the 4 high school years. Today, we are going to delve into the world of high school transcripts and record keeping. I think this may be the part that scares a lot of homeschooling parents; the thought of having to keep records that will have such an influence on their child's educational future is intimidating. However, taking it step by step will make it easier....more

Homeschooling the High School Years - the Planning Stage

Homeschooling through the high school years scares a lot of families. In fact, I know a lot of people who home school their children until high school, then put them in public school. But it doesn't have to be scary! I, too, have a new high school student as of this fall, so I am going to walk through the 4 year high school curriculum planning process with you....more

I survived my 30 year high school reunion!!

So, I recently wrote about how Facebook changed my memories of high school and how my 30th reunion was coming up soon.  I decided a while ago I was going to go, and Karol (the woman formerly known as Bluebell) said she would go with me.  I was excited when the reunion was first announced.  I shared how people on Facebook had reconnected with me in such a positive affirming way, and that really reassured me that it would be okay....more
renze Thanks Renze!!  It really was fun!  You should think about attending yours.  I think you ...more

She Would Be a Freshman

I remember just about a year ago, it hit me:  A few months of summer and then she would be a freshman in high school....more

My So-Called Teen Life with Vintage Photos and Bad Poetry

I am not good at directions.  I turn the kids' Christmas presents over to my husband for assembly.  I think Chutes & Ladders has too many rules.  I get lost driving home from the grocery store. My inability to follow directions carries over into my blogger life as well. There are these chain-awards out there that instruct recipients to link things, answer questions, nominate people, and provide urine samples. While it's always nice to be nominated, I'm just way too lazy and unfocused to follow through. ...more
@AndreaCasarsa I gotta say, Andrea, I'm now a believer!  And that would be my official "come ...more