Sixteen Suggestions

I’m going to let you in on a few secrets.  It might make your life a little easier.But I also know you don’t listen, so this will probably fall on deaf ears.Right now, you’re in a bubble.  You are comfortable. You’ve been in the same place for your entire life.  But there are things you need to know.  It’s important to understand that when you grow up, your perspectives on things change.You’re going to be mature as hell....more

Baby Come Back

Baby Come Back ...more

Free High School Science & History Resources

If you've been following along with the Planning the High School Years series, you know that we've already covered creating a list of planned courses, keeping a transcript, and creating a high school portfolio. You've also gotten some great resources for free English and Algebra courses. In this post, as promised, you'll get some great resources for free science and history classes for your high school students....more

1st day of school was a success!

Wow... time is going by so fast for this mama (Nannie)!I sent my baby girl, Cheeks off as a sophomore in high school. I'm just so proud of her & the goals that she has set for herself! Aubrey has always told our kids to remember the 3 things: Who's you are (God's child) ~ Where you came from ~ You can ALWAYS call home! I pray this school year is the BEST yet!...more

This Used To Be My High School

The Madonna song “This Used to be My Playground” has been stuck in my head since I attended a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of the Fred Rodgers Magnet Academy.  The building this new school is housed in used to be my high school – Aurora Central Catholic High School....more

How to Create the High School Portfolio for Homeschooling

So, where are we at now? We have covered creating a list of planned courses and how to create high school transcripts; today we will be discussing the high school portfolio. Exactly what is the portfolio? Why does your student need one? What do I put in my child's portfolio? You'll get answers to all of your questions!...more

Teacher I Didn't Know Is a Hero

As a teenager who really loves literature, I was always confident; that includes giving my comments to others. Every comment was always right; or so I thought?...more

Coming Soon! Homeschool Graduation Planner!

   Finally got Girlfriend’s Guide 2 Homeschool Conferences sent off again to the printers.  You soon will be able to buy it in print and not just as a digital download!!!!  Woohoo!  So what’s next? ...more

Surviving High School, It Begins in Sixth Grade

 Lisa writes: Ahhhh…the beauty, the certainty of 20/20 hindsight.  As my youngest nears the end of high school, I have reflected upon what qualities allow kids to perform at their best and enjoy their four years to the fullest. What were the most important things I could have done for my kids, starting in perhaps sixth grade, that would have impacted their chance of surviving high school and beyond?  Not surprisingly, they were not the things uppermost on my mind as my kids turned 12. If I had it to do again…...more

Back to School

He is my sideways child.He just turned 16-years-old but has not changed in any way from his first days as far as his disposition goes. He has always been authentically himself, no matter the storms that have raged around him.He is inscrutable. Trying to read his mind is a lost cause because he seems to be a self- contained universe, happy to be left to his own devices. He has interests but he never shares the what or the why of these. There has never been a time when he felt the need to engage or explain or justify himself in any way....more