Hey divorced loser, should you go to your high school reunion?

Hey divorced loser, should you go to your high school reunion?In the airport, just back from my high school reunion. At first, I was too afraid to attend. What kind of judgement would I find? I envisioned everyone else’s perfect life and how much crappier mine looked in comparison.Do I dare go back home when my life was in the midst of all this ending of a marriage chaos? Would I be the only kinda-divorced-kinda-single person, surrounded by classmates with doting spouses and neat tidy lives?...more

Feeling Like The Homecoming Queen 20 Years Later

     "There's no way I'm going to this" I told Amy.  Here I was: freshly dumped.  Racing towards middle age without the husband, kids, house, career, or even a decent car....more

Monday Museletter April 9

Photo PiracyI have had many photos stolen off the internet.  Last week I found them on a gay guy's cute faces website, a Russian mail order bride website, and a Facebook page for women who love cowboys.  I am not going to digress into details, as I worked through it, and learned how to use water marked photos I have in an online art gallery called http://www.artflakes.com/en/shop/megan-oteri....more

Mothers of Toddlers and Tiaras

Blog Directory[polldaddy poll=5513986] Five doors that mothers of toddlers with tiaras should open up: ...more