This is Your Brain On Zzzzzzz: Unlocking Student Potential Through Better Sleep

 Two years ago, I taught a class entitled “The Theory of Knowledge” to high school juniors and seniors. The curriculum was rich, full to brimming with philosophical discussions, mind-stretching exercises, and debates. It also took place at 6:45 in the morning....more
sleepmom YES! I absolutely agree with you. School start-time is such a huge issue. In our ...more

What you need to know about applying to college

The College Application Process  As the editor for a girls website, where all content is strickly written by girls, I thought most parents of college bound teens would welcome this article about the "real college applications process", first hand....more

Lost Faith in the Future? Spend a Day in High School

Five minutes of watching the news and you will wonder how the world, how mankind, and all of humanity is going to survive. We are told our young people are all into crime, gang violence, are depressed,  or addicted to prescription drugs or the internet.  They are spoiled, coddled, and have no work ethic....more

EQUALITY: If not now, when?

I want to credit J. Barnaby for taking the ideas of my students and synthesizing them so they highlight why the ERA is important and timely. Clearly, when women succeed, society succeeds. Please take a moment to sign the petition and share it with others. In 6 days, they achieved 1200 signatures. Imagine what would happen if every person who read this, signed.