My So-Called Teen Life with Vintage Photos and Bad Poetry

I am not good at directions.  I turn the kids' Christmas presents over to my husband for assembly.  I think Chutes & Ladders has too many rules.  I get lost driving home from the grocery store. My inability to follow directions carries over into my blogger life as well. There are these chain-awards out there that instruct recipients to link things, answer questions, nominate people, and provide urine samples. While it's always nice to be nominated, I'm just way too lazy and unfocused to follow through. ...more
@AndreaCasarsa I gotta say, Andrea, I'm now a believer!  And that would be my official "come ...more

My not-so-funny valentine

 My Not-So-Funny Valentine 2/14/13 I drive my daughter to high school, as I do almost every day. After I drop her off, I turn towards my job, going back on the street that I came in on. We live in the burbs; it’s fairly safe. The local paper’s crime watch is mostly shoplifting and drunken behavior, less than 10 incidents most weeks. We have good schools with a strong music and arts program. ...more
Right on!  Always speak up, even at the risk of feeling silly.  You might save someone's life!more

The day I had to be a grown up

Here's a post from 2005, which I am reminded of after reading Jen Lancaster's Here I Go Again.  All during high school there was this one girl who made my life pure hell. She teased me, and danced around me, and I hated her with every ounce of my being. I absolutely hated her. Her name was Awful, and she was a year older than I was, so I only had to deal with her for three years of my life. Three. Very. Long. Years....more

Cats in the Cradle

by elizabethdamicoI know it was just yesterday that my K’s kindergarten teacher was explaining (very patiently ) that staying until after lunch did not qualify as ‘just getting her settled in’Her first grade teacher said that peeking through the outside window of her class room was not best of ideas and may be scaring the other children.The next several grades just gave up and the school allowed me to tutor there.We spent the junior high years home schooling....more

Spice Up Your Kid's Reading List for Halloween

 Is your kid or teen already bored with reading and literature?  Why not do something fun and spine tingling just in time for Halloween?  There are some really great literature books that are sure to fit into your reading list for the year and it will chase away the boredom. ...more

All the World is a Stage

I love the theatre. My first (only) professional role was in the 5th grade at the Barn Dinner Theatre. I played Ngana, the daughter of Emile de Becque in South Pacific. to this day, I can sing every single word of every single song of that show. It was my DREAM to play Nellie Forbush at some point but it never happened....more

Senior Year Hollers: Avoiding Bankruptcy and Using Common Sense

I rarely make political or holler posts. I'm breaking the tradition to get a few things off my chest regarding high school seniors. I'm a parent of five children, four graduates and the man-child due to exit those learned halls this year. I would have to say I am fairly qualified to air some observations on some illogical processes of our local school system. I'm going to label this part of my holler session, "How to bankrupt your family before your graduate:"...more
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I won't keep my hand down.

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The First Day of High School

  The First Day of High School "A" my name is Aliceand my husband's name is Alanwe live in Alabamawhere we sell apples"B" my name is Bettyand my husband's name is Benwe live in Bostonwere we sell bananasAnd so on it went, from A to Z. ...more

The Eternal Optimism of the Asperger Mind

I have written about my autistic son before. Despite grappling with the challenges brought on by Asperger's Syndrome, he remains a bottomless pool of good cheer. Impressed as I am by his incredible kindness, courage and fortitude, I am heartened by the way in which his presence tends to bring out the best in those around him. It re-ignites my faith in all things good and right in this troubled world, not like a match - more like a blow torch....more