Back to School Memories: Mademoiselle's "College Issue," Sylvia Plath and Me

It always amazes me when Staples starts running that "most wonderful time of the year" ad because kids are going back to school and their parents are so happy.  As we whose kids are grown and gone know, those summers are irretrievable treasures.   I was thinking about all that and suddenly, oddly in fact, remembered my own favorite "back to school" memory.   ...more

Loved hearing about your memories Cynthia! Thanks for sharing. It is definitely fascinating ...more

There is Nothing Normal About Facebook

“There is Nothing Normal about Facebook”     ...more


 You're right your Friend Request might throw me into a tizzy! ;-) But I ...more

College students forgo crappy summer jobs to serve abroad

College students tired of the low-level, short-term retail or temporary office jobs they frequently hold during the summer are increasingly looking abroad for opportunities to serve. Today I want to introduce you to the blogs of a few young women who are working and studying abroad this summer, as their blogs are already quite engaging. ...more

Prom-a-Palooza and other partial humiliations

The Stiletto Mom threw down the gauntlet last week, daring others to boldly go where she had in posting devastatingly horrible pictures of herself in high school. (Actually, she looked pretty cute to me.) You have to check out her blog to see the pink taffeta ruffled jobby she wore to prom because her shoulders were too sexy to show (or so her mother thought). ...more

The Calm before the (exam) Storm - The College Application Season Approaches

  Winter's end is near, but we're shivering with anxiety as we look a the calendar and see exam dates starting to line up like a series of storms on a weather map; ominous approaching deadlines for tests any student with dreams of going to college has to take. The relative calm of our 17 year-old high school junior is about to turn into a rainstorm of the El Niño kind: relentless, merciless and abate less for the next three months. ...more

A High School Championship

If you haven’t been to a girl’s high school soccer game lately you might be surprised at the quality of play. Last weekend was the Southern California DII Championship game which pitted the #1 seed Harvard-Westlake against #2 La Jolla. I’ve been following the HW team through their entire pre-season, league and post-season play. Yeah – it seems excessive but it’s my daughter’s team and I’m the consummate soccer mom. High school athletics are a special breed of competition. It’s as much about the game as it is about the school, class pride, and friendships. ...more

Twitter High

Twitter is tipping. As in Tipping Point.I had no idea what Twitter was when I started blogging and my first internet friend recommended I join.  So I kept my distance for months. ...more

More Tales of the Baby

[Second in a series.For those just joining us, we are following the parenting adventures of 16-year-old Fudgeteen and his bouncing baby sack of ...more

Glory Days

Yesterday while feeding my son lunch, Bruce Springsteen's song "Glory Days" came on the radio.  This is a song I have probably heard a thousand times, but yesterday I realized how sad that song actually is.  A high school jock in his middle aged years still viewing his high school years as his "glory days" is depressing to me. ...more

Sexting Expert: Teens Should Not Have Cameras on Cell Phones

Concerned your daughter may send naked pictures of herself to her boyfriend? Then you should not have given her a cell phone with a camera says, Dr. Sari Locker, a CNN contributor, sextologist, and Columbia University adolescent psychology professor. ...more

 It is really up to the parents tho, not anyone ...more