Martin Luther King Jr. Saved The Whites

by Laura Baudo SillermanThis is how it was: There were names for black people, “coloreds” being the most polite. I can’t get myself to write them and I’m glad of that, but if I could it would illustrate how searingly deep was the fear and the distain....more

Which to Fund: Science Labs or Racial Equity?

A committee at Berkeley High School in Northern California has proposed eliminating science lab classes—and the teachers who teach them—in favor of funding activities and resources for underperforming students and closing the racial gap in performance at the school....more

If you do not have a functional science lab in your school you do not get to practice what ...more

Murders, head injuries, and assorted violence -- Is it time to cancel high school football?

Last night, 16-year-old Melody Ross, an honors student and track and field athlete, was shot to death at the football game between rival Wilson High School and Long Beach Poly High School in Long Beach, California.  The shooting took place at Wilson High School, which you may be slightly familiar with if you saw the Freedom Writers movie or read Erin Gruwell's The Freedom Writers Diary.  The school serves some of Long Beach's most upscale neighborhoods, but is no stra...more

big miss

its Long beach not football thats the problem

ban football? ...more

What? High School Wasn't The Best Years Of Your Life? Huh?

What's that you say? Someone told you that high school was going to be the best four years of your life? And you believed them? Then you couldn't understand why you cried yourself to sleep some nights wondering who was saying what about you; who was still a virgin (you KNEW you were the only one) and who was going to be your friend by the end of the week? How could those NOT be the best years. How could acne, puberty and your insecurities not have made for 48 fun-filled months?  ...more

Reflections After a Reunion

I went to school today - to the cafeteria, specifically - a place where the school's social hierarchy is in full display....more


Has anyone ever noticed that when you go back to High School even if it's just for a game or something you get thrown back into the whole drama scene?I got tired of the drama way before I even left High School so you know with me out of it I really don't want to deal with it. I went to the Massaponax Homecoming game and it was nothing but drama, even before the game even really started. All I could think was I missed this, really what's wrong with me? LOL...more

6 Ways to Meet Someone at a Reunion

October is class reunions month. So before you ignore the latest letter from your high school or college alumni department, consider the possibilities of what might happen. A reunion could be a great place to reconnect with singles like you. Face it, you’ve grown up, changed your opinions, and matured over the years. Hopefully, your former classmates did, too. Approach the event with an open mind and an open heart. Practice these 6 tips to make the most out of the experience.   ...more

To make excuses for why your child hasn't done his homework, press 2

At least a few people working in public education still have a sense of humor... ...more

Everything Has Come Full Circle After a Lifetime of Preaching

From the moment my son began high school a few weeks ago, I have a completely transformed child. A few months back, as he was ending his elementary school years with his graduation  dance and ceremony, I recall how anxious and nervous he was, as well as his peers about entering high school.  ...more