Senior Year Hollers: Avoiding Bankruptcy and Using Common Sense

I rarely make political or holler posts. I'm breaking the tradition to get a few things off my chest regarding high school seniors. I'm a parent of five children, four graduates and the man-child due to exit those learned halls this year. I would have to say I am fairly qualified to air some observations on some illogical processes of our local school system. I'm going to label this part of my holler session, "How to bankrupt your family before your graduate:"...more
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I won't keep my hand down.

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The First Day of High School

  The First Day of High School "A" my name is Aliceand my husband's name is Alanwe live in Alabamawhere we sell apples"B" my name is Bettyand my husband's name is Benwe live in Bostonwere we sell bananasAnd so on it went, from A to Z. ...more

The Eternal Optimism of the Asperger Mind

I have written about my autistic son before. Despite grappling with the challenges brought on by Asperger's Syndrome, he remains a bottomless pool of good cheer. Impressed as I am by his incredible kindness, courage and fortitude, I am heartened by the way in which his presence tends to bring out the best in those around him. It re-ignites my faith in all things good and right in this troubled world, not like a match - more like a blow torch....more

Would You Let Your 1st Grader Ride the Bus with High Schoolers?

School started this week in our little city. Having bought the new house last Spring, we had the joy of switching school districts. Our oldest son has been excited all summer about the new school for first grade, the new friends, and... the bus. I was also excited about the bus; he didn't ride last year and I envisioned so much more free time without the drop off and pick up and wait, wait, wait. That is, I was excited about the bus until I learned that the bus held Kindergarten through 12th grade. Uh, no thanks. ...more
My kids don't ride the bus now but did in first and second grade, with kids all the way through ...more

Life Is So Much Better With Your Friends

The 1980’s were such an incredibly colorful and fun time to grow up in. We all had big hair that made us appear three inches taller than we actually were because it was so teased and poofed up like a rooster crown. Our clothes were made up of big, baggy neon shirts with low hanging belts, printed or acid washed jeans, colorful pumps with lace socks, and fingerless lace gloves a la Madonna. Jewelry consisted of earrings that each weighed the equivalent to a TV remote control, Swatch watches, and hundreds of jelly bracelets in every color imaginable that went halfway up our arms....more

Did Anyone Really Like High School?

What do you feel when you think about high school? Nostalgia? Happiness? Sheer terror? Numbness? Some remember it longingly, the glory days of their youth, the end of everything that was great in their lives – and for those people I feel sad. Some would rather not remember it at all, the isolation, insults, loneliness and awkward moments too painful to recall – and for those people, I feel sad too. I have always told my children (and anyone else who was listening) “you don’t want to peak in high school.” I think most of those who did just that would agree....more
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My Summer as a Streetwalker

I remember my summer as a street walker. Just about every night, I took a super long stroll. On the chance you might drive by. I always went the same way. To make myself easy to find.           My heart would do a do-si-do the second I heard your car. I knew its sound. Could make it out a block away. Sometimes two. I’d count the seconds ‘til you pulled alongside me. OneMississippi....more

White Babies No Longer Majority: Why Are Schools Not More Diverse?

This week the Washington Post noted for the first time in American history, white babies are no longer the majority born in the United States. ...more
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Off Like a Prom Dress...

Over on my Facebook Page (which you should all go and "Like") I had a little contest as to what I should write about next. And the lovely and talented Michele Clark Powell won with her prom theme suggestion. She suggested I compare proms of today to yesterday and goaded me into posting pics. ...more
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