My Summer as a Streetwalker

I remember my summer as a street walker. Just about every night, I took a super long stroll. On the chance you might drive by. I always went the same way. To make myself easy to find.           My heart would do a do-si-do the second I heard your car. I knew its sound. Could make it out a block away. Sometimes two. I’d count the seconds ‘til you pulled alongside me. OneMississippi....more

White Babies No Longer Majority: Why Are Schools Not More Diverse?

This week the Washington Post noted for the first time in American history, white babies are no longer the majority born in the United States. ...more
I LOVE this post! We've recently decided that our kids will go to public school. I'd personally ...more

Off Like a Prom Dress...

Over on my Facebook Page (which you should all go and "Like") I had a little contest as to what I should write about next. And the lovely and talented Michele Clark Powell won with her prom theme suggestion. She suggested I compare proms of today to yesterday and goaded me into posting pics. ...more
 @@BehavioralChild  Thank you so much!more


public school rant


A picture says a thousand words...

You guys... this was me. This was me in High School to be brutally honest. The bleach blonde hair, braces, MIDRIFF EXPOSED (SOUND THE ALARMS!!!), crazy Rastafarian hair. What the hell was THAT about? ...more

Back in Session

Here we are again. Typical coming of age blog post.Hello School, hello death.I think I forgot how to use my alarm clock. Every morning it beeps and beeps but I don't remember what the noise is for. It’s deceiving and evil and gross.I don't think I can get used to it again. I am not meant to stay in a room for 8 hours a day. I have so much more to offer. To give.It seems like every day now people are pressuring me to figure out what I want to be. But why can't I just be? ...more

Sexual Harassment: Widespread Problem in Middle, High Schools

Think back to middle and high school. (Some of us have to think harder than others.) Did a boy ever snap your bra in the hallway? Did anyone ever call you a "slut" or a "whore"? Were you ever labeled a lesbian for playing basketball or having lots of male friends? Did anyone ever send you graphic pictures via email or spread rumors about you online? If so, you are sadly not alone.  ...more
@BlogHer Six Ways Dads and Moms can Help Daughters Deal with Harassment.more

20th Year Reunion? Pass

After reading about BlogHer's anti-bullying campaign, I thought now was as good a time as any to re-post my blog about why I opted out of my 20th Year High School Reunion and the mean girl I don't ever want to see again.I've only recently rejoined Facebook after deactivating my account last year.  I was a full-blown junkie in desperate need of counseling.  But like most addicts, a relapse was inevitable.  I'll be sure to provide full disclosure on my addiction in a detailed post, but that story must wait for another day....more

Mom Fail?

Lately conversations with my oldest have been strained…. tense… or whatever you want to call it. But today I feel like today was a total mom fail (again)....more