How To Handle A Queen Bee Mom (Without A Fist Fight)

A couple of months ago, I signed my kids up for gymnastics. They love it, but I’m about to beat the crap out of this Alpha mom whose kid has been on the team for years. We had this little incident, and now she keeps giving me the stinkeye as well as pointing to my kid and making comments. (My kid is very talented and will probably make the team.) I’m there twice a week and it’s getting harder and harder not to snatch her up. Please give me some perspective on what to do....more
I have to disagree about ignoring her. I'd CALMLY (the tone is really important) say something ...more

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

With a daughter in middle school, I am reminded daily that being 13 is the worst age to be, followed closely by 12, 14, and 15.  I’ve often said there isn’t enough money in the world to convince me to redo those awful years.I see Elliott struggle with self-esteem, body image, and with social awkwardness.  This is an age where the girls are a foot taller than the boys, the girls are more developed than me, and the absence of posture is painfully evident.  Greasy hair, pimply faces, and non-acceptance in the popular crows is a uniform all middle schoolers wear....more

'Teens Turning Green' Project Challenge

Every parent to a high school student knows that a certain amount of volunteer hours is a requirement for graduation. Here’s a great way to get in some of those hours: Teens Turning Green has an initiative in October called the Project Green Challenge....more

My Daughter Reunited Me With My High-School Frenemy!

My 3-year-old has a best friend at school and was SO excited when her friend’s parents invited the whole class over for a BBQ. We arrived and I soon found out that her best friend’s mother was my biggest enemy in high school. You know, the petty gal that never got over the fact that I took her spot on the cheer squad, the gal that hated that guys liked me better than her, the girl that spread nasty rumors just because… I know, let bygones be bygones, grow up, etc. But come on—can’t I encourage my 3-year-old to pick a new friend?...more


Today is my high school homecoming.  For the past several years, I have made the pilgrimage home to partake in the festivities with my friends.The weekend starts with pre-parade cocktails, followed by a ringside seat on the parade route.  After the parade, it’s on to a late lunch…followed by more cocktails…then the football game…followed by more cocktails and pizza....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood ...more

Backpacks and College Apps and SAT's, Oh My!

Every year when my kids go back to school the feeling is bittersweet. I'm sad to see the lazy days of summer go and the relaxed attitude of the kids, but I do breathe a long sigh of relief (Ok, it's more of a "Yippie"!) when I drop them off on their first day of school. As much as I cherish our carefree summers, by Labor Day I'm ready for them to go back. ...more

The Bernoulli Effect

Alex Trebek read from the blue-screened square, “An airplane rises due to this Swiss man's ‘effect,’ as a fluid's pressure lessens when its speed increases.” I looked up at the TV.BERNOULLI!“Who is Daniel Bernoulli?” replied the Jeopardy contestant.“The ONE piece of physics you remember…” Jon laughed....more

Step Right up Folks, Step Right up!

Copious, Superfluous, Latrine.Music blared from unseen loudspeakers as Truva Allen walked past the Ferris wheel.  Row after row of lights lit the Midway.  The lights were strung high on poles and attracted all manner of insects.  They beat themselves silly against the hot bulbs then fell to the ground to be crushed by girlfriends who were “like, totally” dragging their high school boyfriends to test their strength and win them a teddy bear....more
I'm so glad you liked it, that makes all the rewrites worth it! more

Should Your Child Become An Entrepreneur? Yes!

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