Ten Years Later

Last Friday, a large percentage of the other hundred people that graduated with me in 2000 dressed up in their fancy finery, glad-handed their old pals, tried desperately to one-up each other, and drank themselves into oblivion.At least, that's what I say happened at our 10-year reunion.  I wasn't at there.  In fact, I hear they chose to play laser tag, instead.  Maybe my graduating class is even cooler than I remember it being.I have mixed feelings on missing the reunion.  On the one hand, it would have been great to see the children (because we were chi...more

Suspended from High School Over a T-Shirt, Teens are Fighting Back

It can be troubling to think about how teenagers can stray into some very risky and scary behaviors.  Like... wearing T-shirts! Typically news stories about the issues affecting teens include topics such as drugs, suicide, handguns, gangs and unprotected sex.  But simple T-shirts have been the topic of concern this week. School boards, administrators, parents, teens and even advocacy groups like the ACLU have been discussing all sorts of cotton wardrobe-related questions:  Should the words students wear on their clothes be protected as free speech? ...more

High school

I did not go to an ordinary high school.  Since graduation, I have become more and more aware of the fact that my high school experience was atypical in that it was of the “magnet” and “art” varieties....more


This is my first blog, but you probably already knew that. Well, I guess to start off, you need to know a little about me. I am a highschooler in a little town in South Carolina. I have about 5 friends I can trust in a school of about 1500 kids. I'm not unpopular, per say, but I don't trust the other people. I get made fun of by some, hated by many, and unknown to almost all. My dad is from Honduras and my mom is from Arkansas. Neither had completed school up until about two years ago. They've always wanted the best for me and my sisters....more

High school football brain injuries often go undiagnosed

If you have a son (or, I suppose, a daughter) who plays football, this new study out of Purdue University Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering might be a bit scary:...more

Walking a Fine Line: Social Host Laws and Underage Drinking

Cruising Main I know there are some who never drank alcohol in high school, but I didn't go to school with them....more

The many reasons why I'm not attending my 20 year high school reunion

This is a list of the many excuses reasons behind why I won't be attending my twentieth High School Reunion this year. Just in case there are any other kindered souls out there, or other laggards who hadn't RSVP'd yet. [1] 1. I am certainly not old enough to have been out of high school twenty years already....more

Are Your Kids in a Race to Nowhere?

 One of the hardest lessons to learn as a parent is to trust your instincts.  You feel something is not right with your child, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.   Is she happy? Is she under too much pressure? Is this the way it’s supposed to be? All questions you might ask yourself when you see something off in your child. But, despite the voice in your head, there is a whole host of people, from school counselors to medical doctors to your closest friends, who will tell you,  “Everything is just fine.  This is normal behavior.”...more

The change of season and back to school...

And it is a welcome one. Really. I'm ready for the change.I drove the neighborhood today (quite like taking Olivia to the bus stop) - my regular path. Down to the end of the street - drop Olivia with the rest of the Oakland and Central kids then turn the corner and head into our neighborhood the back way - past houses I usually don't see - up and around the corner where we do know some kids. Up the street, past all the familiar haunts to our familiar "green house", as the boys say....more

Pretty Little Liars is a pretty good teen drama

Although Pretty Little Liars series had started only recently, it has been pretty successful in acquiring great heights. The series is quite breezy and instantly enjoyable. The Pretty Little Liars episodes are so amazing that in five years it has become one of the biggest hits with approximately one million viewers watching it every week. ...more